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How do I submit proof of graduation?

Future student-athlete frequently asked questions



For domestic students: The recommended way to submit proof of graduation is to have your graduation date (with month/day/year) placed on the final high school transcript that your high school sends to the NCAA Eligibility Center after you graduate from high school. A copy of a diploma or the graduation ceremony program with your name are NOT acceptable forms of proof of graduation. If your school is unable to provide a transcript with your graduation date, a "proof of graduation letter" on school letterhead signed by an administrator outside of athletics, including month/day/year of your graduation, or a statement indicating when you met all graduation requirements, may be acceptable. Your high school administrator can fax or email that letter to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

For international students: Your proof of graduation, in the form of a final transcript, diploma, certificate or other document, is as specified in the Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility. The document must be submitted directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by the issuing body of that document. Please review country-specific details for more information regarding which documents need to be submitted to the Eligibility Center, and the submission options.


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