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Strategic Initiatives Grant Program Speaker List - Tier 2

Equity and Inclusion

Last First Presenter Title Organization Presentation Title Approx. Cost Website Conferences/Institutions that Hosted
Abbott Debbie Director of Cantú Queer Center University of California, Santa Cruz   $500 University of California, Santa Cruz ('12).
Andrews Kimmy     Liberated : The New Sexual Revolutions $800   Colby- Sawyer ('19)
Antonelli Debbie Commentator ESPN/Big 10 Network/CBS/FOX Diversity $1,800 Ohio Northern Univ. ('11).
Apgar Travis   CAMPUSPEAK Hazing $4,000 Univ. of Chicago ('12).
Arboleda Teja President & Creative Director Entertaining Diversity Inc. Entertaining Diversity Inc. Diversity $1,200 College of Saint Elizabeth ('12).
Bailar Schuyler Transgender Advocate   Equity and Inclusion $2,000   Brandeis University ('19).
Baird Greg Lecturer   LGBTQ Sensitivity and Acceptance $1,870 Lesley Univ. ('11).
Billings-Harris Lenora speaker   diversity and inclusion $1,800 Averett University ('14).
Boone Herman     Ethnic Diversity (Remember the Titans) Alma ('10). Hilbert College (14').
Boutillier Nancy Visiting Assoc. Professor, Rhetoric & Composition/Former SA Oberlin College   $1,200 Wells College ('12).
Broadas Kylar guest speaker, Esq   Transgender awareness $2,000 Emerson College ('14).
Buzuvis Erin Director of Gender & Sexuality Studies Western New England University School of Law Gender and Discrimination in Atheltics $1,500 Lesley Univ. ('12). Western New England Univeristy ('17)
Caple Nevin Facilitator LGBTQ Sport Safe LGBTQ SportSafe Inclusion Program $5,000 Vassar College ('19).
Carl Coralyn     Title IX Beloit ('12).
Cohen Dan Special Counsel   Title IX $1,750 NJAC ('12).
Crowder John Facilitator Peak Rhythms "Peak Rhythms-Heartbeat of Champions" $6,130.53 Nichols College ('12).
Cutaia Diana Owner & Leader Coaching Peace Consulting Equity & Inclusion $1,500 Southern Vermont College ('12). Elms College ('12). Cazenovia College ('12). Salve Regina ('12).
Davis Aaron   University of Nebraska Diversity and Being a Leader Adrian ('11).
Davis Keith Former NFL Player   Academic Achievement and Diversity UW Plattville ('11).
Davis Stacy Administrator Chicago Teachers Union Diversity Saint Mary's Univ. ('11).
Davis Wade Executive Director You Can Play Project Equity and Inclusion 7500 Tufts Univ. ('13). Bowdoin College ('13). Middlebury ('13). Castleton State College ('13).
DeBoer Kathy Executive Director American Volleyball Coaches Association Solutions to Gender Differences in the Competitive Workplace ODAC ('13).
Dixon Marquese Program Director ActSix Diversity Seminar $100 MIAC ('14). UMAC (14').
Dyson Dr. Michael Eric Author   Diversity $10,000 College of New Jersey ('12).
Ehrlach Carl     Preparing for your future program $750   University of Mary Washington ('14).
Elliot Jane Activist   Diversity & Inclusion $8,500 Dominican University (ILL.) ('12).
Fagan Kate Sport Reporter, Mental Health Advocate ESPN Mental Health Awareness $255   Stevens Insitute of Technology ('19)
Fankhauser Kerry Associate Dean and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Westhampton College sexual assult and how it affects everyone $1,000 Virginia Wesleyan College ('14).
Fisher Roger Co-Associate Director of IGR Program on Intergroup Relations at the University of Michigan workshop on diversity and inclusion $3,000 Knox College (14').
Folsom Darcie Director Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy at Conn College bystander intervention and sexual assault violence prevention $500,... NESCAC (14').
Gibson Andrea     Equity and Inclusion $1,000   Saint Joesph's College ('17).
Gonzalez Gian Paul     "All In-Diversity for Student-Athletes" $1,000 Montclair St. ('12).
Gottlieb Dan     "Exculded: Alienation and Ostracism in Sports" $1,900 Neumann Univ. ('11).
Greenfield Derek Speaker, educator, author   Confronting Ourselves: Promoting Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Inclusive Excellence $3200 -$5000 Michigan Intercol. Ath. Assn. ('14). Trine Univeristy ('19). Hobart and William Smith Colleges ('19).
Griffin Dr. Pat     LGBT Issues $2,500 Bates ('12).
Herrington Kamora Mentoring Coordinator True Colors, Inc. "Cultural Competency and Inclusion" 1800 Bay Path Univ. ('13).
Holland Alice Health Services Supervisor Penn State Berks   $375 Penn State Berks College ('12).
Houston Ken NFL Hall of Fame   Equity and Inclusion $1,300 Wilmington College (OH) ('13).
Joyner-Kersee Jackie Former Olympian   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion $1,000   Webster University ('19).
Judge Janet President Sports Law Associates, LLC Title IX Compliance $500 AMCC ('11). NESCAC ('11). ODAC ('11). Univ. of New England ('12). Endicott College ('12). Roger Williams ('12). Eastern Nazarene ('12). Curry College ('12). MIAC ('12). Plattsburgh State ('13). Bates ('19). NESCAC ('19).
Kaplan Dr. Nancy Vice President St. John's University diversity and inclusion $,1000- $2,500   CUNYAC ('13). DeSales University ('19).
Katz Dr. Jackson     Preventing Violence Against Women $2,400 Marietta College ('11).
Keith Floyd Speaker PPA Professional Services diversity and inclusion $5,000 Baldwin Wallace University ('14).
Kelly Daniel program director for Sport Management Wilmington College diversity and inclusion $1,900   Wilmington College (OH) ('14).
Kozac Loren Title IX Coordinator Washington and Lee Title IX and how athletics fits into that equation $200 Old Dominion Athletic Conf. ('14).
Lapchick Dr. Richard Director Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport Diversity and the Healing Power of Spirit $3,800 Potsdam ('11).
Laughlin Rachel     Female Student-Athlete Diversity/ Title IX $100   Huntingdon College ('12).
Lee Clarence Former NFL Player   Academic Achievement and Diversity UW Plattville ('11).
Lopiano Dr. Donna Founder & President of Sports Management Resources Sports Management Resources Gender Equity & Inclusion $2,000 Bay Path College ('12.)
Mackenzie Dr. Jenny Award winning documentary Filmmaker   Gender Equity & Title IX $2,500 Alverno College ('12).
Malekoff Dr. Robert Chair, Associate Professor of Sport Studies Guilford College   $1,700 NAC ('12).
McCauley Kayleigh Founder & Speaker Northwest Confernece Diversity and Inclusion Seminar $3,500 Northwest Conference ('19).
McClam Sue Director - Huatulco Intensive Language Courses & Former Professor at Columbia College (South Carolina) Huatulco Intensive Language Courses/Columbia College Diversity $500 Wesleyan College (Georgia) ('12).
McPherson Donald     Diversity in the Context of Athletics. "You Throw like a girl." $3,800 Oswego ('11). Empire 8 ('12). Hobart ('12). Oneonta ('12). Lyndon State College ('13).
Montag Sandy     education and training on wide variety of issues, including equity and inclusion, bystander intervention, sexual assault and violence prevention, and communication $2,500   Connecticut College (14').
Morrison Morris     Integration $2,000 Lesley Univ. ('13).
Mosier Chris Transgender advocate and triathlete   Pride on the Court Sarah Lawrence ('19).
Murphy Rohan Motivational Speaker   Physical Diversity $2,500 Baldwin-Wallace College ('11).
Musnicki Megan Former Olympian   Title IX $500 William Smith ('12).
      Fueled by Culture LLC "Life After Athletics, Business Edition" : Interesction of Sport and Culture $2,200 Eastern Connecticut State University( '19)
Pallone Dave Former MLB Umpire, Current Speaker and Author   Sexual Orientation and Respect $3,000 Little East ('11). Edgewood College ('12). Mount Ida ('12). Union ('12). Westfield St. ('12). Rutgers-Newark ('12).
Patberg Kurt Senior VP Athletics Staffing and Consultants   $6,800 Southern Athletic Association ('14).
Pearson Stan Motivational Speaker   "Appreciating the Differences Among Us" Franklin College ('12).
Picchietti Lesley   Inspire Bliss Women empowerment $1,500 Univ. of Chicago ('13).
Prosper Colber   Prosper and Partners Avoiding stereotypes $2,500 Maryville College (Tennessee) ('14)
Ramirez Hiram Interim Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement Agnes Scott College LGBTQ/Diversity $300 Spelman College ('11,'12).
Reekers David Development Officer Gallaudet University sign language $4,050 NEAC ('13).
Roby Pete Director of Athletics Northeastern Bystander intervention $1,000   Emmanuel College ('14).
Roy Travis Motivational Speaker and Founder Travis Roy Foundation Diversity and Individuals with Disabilities $3,100 Salem State Univ. ('11).
Salerno Ann Director of Education & Training NCAA Women Coaches Academy Women & Ethnic Minorities in Sport $1,000 CSAC ('12).
Sandler Dr. Bernice     "Title IX: The Education Law that Changed It All" $1,900 Cedar Crest College ('11).
Schimmel Jude guest speaker Oneida Nation youth basketball programs transitioning from a reservation to a predominately white institution (University of Louisville) and ways the coaching staff assisted in the transition $2,500 St. Norbert College (14').
Sheng Jeff Photographer   FEARLESSS: LGBT art show $3,000 Colby-Sawyer College ('12).
Sims Brian     Gay Rights in Athletics $1,875 York College PA ('11).
Slater Celia Co-Director NCAA Women Coaches Academy Women & Ethnic Minorities in Sport $1,000 CSAC ('12).
Smith Donnae Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator University of California, Santa Cruz   $500 University of California, Santa Cruz ('12).
Sweet Judy Senior Associate Alden and Associates "The State of Womens Coaches in the NCAA and Why it Matters $500 Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conf. ('14).
Switzer Kathrine Boston Marathon First Female Runner   "Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports" $5,000 Newbury College ('12).
Taylor Hudson   Athlete Ally "Allyship" $3,500 Univ. of Rochester ('12)\nMIAC ('12). Trinity (Conn.) ('12)\nKean ('12). Middlebury College (14'). \nWhitman ('12)\nAMCC ('13)\nEndicott College ('13)\nAmherst College ('13)\nNorthwest Conf. ('13) Curry College ('17)
Twiss Dr. Richard   Wiconi International Diversity $700 Gordon College ('12).
Utt Jamie     Diversity $2,500 Amherst ('12).
Wiley Dr. J.W. Diversity Consultant   Examination of Sensitivities, Cultural Competences(s), and Desires to Succeed $2,700 John Carroll Univ. ('11)\nUniv. of Mount Union ('11).
Williams Dr. Gary Associate Athletic Director for Education Services Carthage College "Diversity of Personality" $700 CCIW ('11).
Williams Dr. Tanya     Ethnic Diversity Training $1,000 Notre Dame of Maryland Univ. ('12).
Withycombe Dr. Jenny CEO Withycombe Consulting "Inclusion and Diversity" NCAA Advanced Diversity Education Workshops $2,700 AMCC ('10). Wheelock College ('11). Capital Univ. ('11). Otterbein College ('11).

Identity and Integration

Last First Presenter Title Organization Presentation Title Approx. Cost Website/Email Conferences/Institutions that Hosted
Bassett Susan Director of Athletics Carnegie Mellon Univ. Hiring and Evaluation Process $500 + Travel USA South.
Biddiscombe John Director of Athletics Wesleyan University Mentoring Coaches and Administrative Staff: Focusing on Integration. ODAC ('11).
Hall Michelle Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students Oglethorpe University Integration from My Perspective - Panelist ODAC ('11).
Hampton Kym former WNBA   Integration $1,700 College of Saint Elizabeth ('13).
Hand Gail Motivational Speaker   The Power of Laughter $3,592 Empire 8 ('14).
Kareti Leah Division III Contractor NCAA/ 3 Fold Group Strategic Planning Midwest Conference ('19)
Lemons Jay President Susquehanna University Identity and Integration $1,000 CSAC ('13).
Majeski Mark   Majeski Athletic Consulting Integration $4,500 Midwest Conference ('13). SCIAC ('13).
Malekoff Dr. Robert Professor Guilford College "Maximizing the Student Experience: The Integration of Athletics, Academics and Student Life." $2,500 IIAC ('11). Northwest AC ('11). USA South. Little East ('12). MASCAC ('12). MIAC ('12). WIAC ('12). Cazenovia College ('13). OAC ('13).
Miller-Lane Jonathan associate professor of integration Middlebury keynote on the embodied liberal arts $1,500 Grinnell College (14').
Poisson Craig Senior Assoc. Director of Athletics Springfield College Identity and Integration Northwest AC ('11).
Scott Raven     What is your Why Statement for Success? $1,000   Hood College ('19).
Tudor Dan Recruiting Expert Tudor Collegiate Strategies   $2,500 Salem College ('14).


Last First Presenter Title Organization Presentation Title Approx. Cost Website Conferences/Institutions that Hosted
Blackledge Todd Analyst ESPN Character, Sportsmanship, and Leadership $2,000 Muskingum Univ. ('11).
Bliqis Abdul -Qaadir Motivational Speaker   Diversity and Sportsmanship $3,000   Wentwoth Institute of Technology ('19)
Cain Brian Motivational Speaker   Equity & Inclusion $3,000 FDU-Florham ('12).
Champlain Malik Motivational Speaker   Sportsmanship, Citizenship, Positive Role Models $2,500   Western New England University ('19)
Esiendrath Eric Lead Trainer-Boston & New York areas Positive Coaching Alliance "Honoring the Game & Sportsmanship during Competition" $1,400 Husson Univ. ('12).
Fish Dr. Joel Sports Psychologist Center for Sport Psychology "Sportsmanship and Ethical Behavior" $2,000 Richard Stockton College ('11). North Eastern Athletic Conference ('14).
Janssen Jeff     Sportsmanship, Leadership, and the True Meaning of Being a Student-Athlete $3,900 Wilkes Univ. ('11). Colby ('12). Ferrum ('12). North Carolina Wesleyan ('12).
Jones Justin     Sportsmanship, Leadership Training, and Vision $700 Salisbury ('11).
Kaplan Nancy guest speaker National Consortium for Academics and Sport diversity and sexual harassment training $3,000   Stevenson ('14).
Mitrano Chuck     Sportsmanship $1,600 CCC ('11). Landmark ('11). Milwaukee School of Engineering ('14). Emory and Henry College ('14).
Pasqua Elaine Speaker   Inappropriate social media use $2,300 Arcadia ('14). Regis (MA) ('14).
Shelley Greg Speaker/Consultant Rise Above Preformance Consulting Sportsmanship/Communication $2,500 Liberty League ('19).
Turnbull Trevor Social Media Educator and Former Student-Athlete Legacy After the Game Social media and leadership education for student-athletes and coaches $1,997 North Coast Athletic Conference ('14).
Williams Roland Keynote speaker, former NFL player   sportsmanship summit $2,500 State University of New York at Geneseo ('14).
Wood Spencer   Icebox Keys to Sportmanship Consistency & When Sportsmanship is Toughest $2,200 Univ. of Wisc., Platteville ('13).


Last First Presenter Title Organization Presentation Title Approx. Cost Website Conferences/Institutions that Hosted
Allen Gary founder and race director Mount Desert Island Marathon Inspirational stories and motivation to pursue big goals and achieve great things $500 Univ.of Maine, Farmington (14').
Ammary Julie facilitator Janssen Sports Leadership Center developing leadership roles and skills $1,700-$2,000 Otterbein University ('14). Drew University ('19).
Apgar Travis speaker/consultant Campus Speak Hazing: The Fallout $2,000 Penn State University, Altoona (14'). Stevens Institute of Technology ('17).
Audley Bob Motivational Speaker Grow and Learn experience as a student-athlete can continue to play a useful role in future aspects of your life and career $2,000 D'Youville College (14'). Medaille College (14').
Austin Evan     Overcoming Obstacles $1,200   Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (17').
Bader Chris sport psychologist and student counselor Colorado State Mental Health - Performance Anxiety $1,300   Carthage College (14').
Baribeau Rachel Joy facilitator #ChangingTheNarrative #ChangingTheNarrative $2,500 University of Rochester ('19).
Beeckman Theresa Mental Health Expert   Mental Health and Well Being $2,500   Elms College ('19)
Bell Robert Motivational Speaker   Mental Side of the Game $2,000 Anderson University (IN) (14').
Bernstein Ben Speaker/Facilitator   Perfection, Setting Realistic Expectations , and Managing Anxiety $775   Bowdoin College ('19).
Blowers Jerimy Speaker   Shatter the Stigma $300   SUNYAC ('19).
Bonci Leslie Director of Nutrition Training Program Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins Nutrition and Athletic/Academic Performance $1,500   Washington and Lee University ('14). Carnegie Mellon University ('14).
Braddock Bromley Nicole Author and Activist One Voice 4 Freedom Healthy Realationships $4 Eastern Nazarene College ('19)
Buller Amber Clinical Psychologist   Mental Health and Wellness $300   Swarthmore College ('19)
Burnell Jenn Nutritionist Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders Eating disorders $1,500 William Peace University ('14).
Byrne John Motivational Speaker, marathoner Center for Sport Psychology   $850   Central College ('14).
Cain Brian     Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness / Peak Performance Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ('14).
Cannon Dr. Megan Sport Pyschologist   Pyaychology Strategies to enhance success     Cabrini University ('19)
Carr Dr. Chistopher Mental Health Professional   Dealing with Stress, Depression and Mental Health $1200 - $1,500   Anderson University (IN)('19). Franklin College ('19).
Castorino Sue President The Speaking Specialists Social Media Education $1,800   Wartburg College ('14).
Carter Jennifer Counseling Psychologist Ohio State University Mental Health Symposium $1,000 NCAC ('19).
Caringi Vincent Pschiatrist Cleveland Medical Center Mental Health Symposium $1,000   NCAC ('19).
Catherine Jill life coach, professional dancer 44 Hearts "When your Heart Speaks" $2,500 Amherst College (14').
Chew Dr. Kenneth Mental Health Professional   Mental Health Education $500   Rose-Hulman Insitiute of Technology ('19). NCAC ('19).
Chu Julie Ice Hockey Olympian   gender differences in sport, diversity and identifying ways to leverage success $1,500 Hobart and William Smith ('14).
Church Jason Vteran, WIAC Alum   Overcoming Adversity $1,000   UW-Stout ('19)
Clark Nancy Nutritionist Worked with Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. Nutrition $2,000 . Fitchburg State University ('14). Worcester State University ('14). Newbury College ('14). Tufts Uiversity ('19).
Cogan Karen Sports Psychologist US Olympics methods to maintain motivation, team communication and leadership development $3,000 Wellesley College ('14).
Cooksey Aaron Motivational Speaker Drop Your Pride Program Substance Abuse, Alcohol, and Life-Changing Decisions/ "Drop Your Pride" $1,600   Keystone College ('14). Piedmont College ('14).
Cormier Dr. Marc Mental Health Professional   Mental Health Educaiton $1,000   Transylvania University ('19).
Sara Crafton     Mental Health Symposium $200   Hanover College ('19).
Daly Scott Military Veteran   Critical Decision Making, Leaderaship, Culure, Behavior $2,100   Fairleigh, Dickinson Univeristy -Florham ('19).
Day Chelsi Clinical Psychologist Clinical and Sport Psychologist Mental Health Symposium $1,000 NCAC ('19).
DeBoer Kathy Executive Director American Volleyball Coaches Association Title IX and gender equity and competition $1,500 Northland College ('14). Upper Midwest Athletic Conference ('14).
DeCourcy Mike     Sportsmanship is not a Show $1,250   Bluffton University ('17).
Deering Bill     Teamwork and Adversity $1,021 American Southwest Conference ('19)
DeFrrancesco Timothy Endicott College Alumni   Leadership and how to be a good teammate $2,500   Endicott College ('19)
Demczak Alex Keynote Speaker and Trainer The Jon Gordon Companies The Power of Postive Leadership and the Power ofa Positive Team $1,500 Fransciscan Unviersity of Steubenville ('19)
DeShazo Kevin   Field House Media Social Media Education $3,000 LeTourneau University (14'). University of the Ozarks (Arkansas) (14'). Hardin-Simmons University (14'). East Texas Baptist University (14'). University of Texas at Dallas (14'). The University of Texas at Tyler (14').
Difers Lara   Drug Free Sport the effects of Alcohol and Drugs on athletic performance $2,000 Elms College ('14).
DiGiulio Peter     "Why Say No!" (Drugs and Alcohol)     Emmanuel College ('11,'12). Mount Ida College ('11). Saint Joseph's ME ('11). Wentworth Instit. Of Tech. ('13). Emmanuel College ('14). Umass Boston ('14). Keene State ('14). Plymouth State ('14).
DiGiulio Peter     Alcohol Abuse Prention $500   Emmanuel College ('17)
Doan Andrew Surgeon, author, speaker   video games as a digital drug stimulating physiological and neurological responses that can be associated with abuse and addiction $2,000 Summit University of Pennsylvania ('14).
Domitrz Mike   Date Safe Project, Inc. "Can I Kiss You" $5,300 Pacific University (Oregon) ('14).
Door Alex     Leadership and Happiness     Simpson College ('19)
Doyle Dan Executive Director and Founder International Sport Hall of Fame "Leadership and Excellence" $1,900 Elms College ('10). NAC ('10). Green Mountain College ('10). Colby-Sawyer ('10).
Easterby Jack Motivational Speaker The Greatest Champion Character Counts $2,000 Gordon College ('14).
Lisa Ekmekjian     Career Planning / National Grils and Women in Sports Day $100   William Paterson University of New Jersey ('19).
Fallon-Korb Andrea facilitator Aspire Preformance Coaching Maximize Preformance $1,000 Saint Mary's Univeristy (MN) ('19).
Fieldler Derek Mental Health Outreach Coordinator Penn State Behrend Unvieristy Mental Health $600   Alfred State Univeristy ('19)
Fish Dr. Joel Director Center for Sport Psychology "Psychology of Winning On and Off the Playing Field" $1900 - $2500 Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (14'). New York University ('14). Colonial States Athletic Conference ('19).RPI ('19). SUNY-Cobleskill ('19). Case Western Reserve University ('19).
Fisher Ethan Motivational Speaker Undrafted Life CONsequences Alcohol Preventive Speech $2,600 Illinois College (14'). Monmouth Collge (IL) (14'). Marian University ('19).
Fober Tracy Strength & Conditioning Coach   Strength and Conditioning Overview of Rest and Recovery $200   University of Chicago ('19).
Fort Daryl speaker Mentors in Violence Prevention on Gender Violence Mentors In Violence Prevention $1,500 University of Southern Maine ('14).
Gerety Ed Leadership Development expert   "Playing Big in the game of Life" $2,000 Becker College ('14).
Gilbert Chris Specialist Harvard University Sexual Assault Prevention $600 Brandeis University ('13, '14).
Goldberg Alan Sports Psychologist Competitive Advantage Mental Toughness Training Workshop for Athletes $1,800 Bay Path ('14).
Gongwer Todd author and speaker   \nLEAD...for God’s Sake! $1,900 Ohio Northern ('14).
Gould Brett sport psychologist   Leadership, dealing with pressure and stress $1,500   Hilbert College ('19)
Graef Steve Sport Psychologist Mindurance Mental Training and Preperation $1,750 Muskingum University ('19). NCAC ('19).
Green Michael Drug and Alcohol Counselor Collegiate Consultants on Drugs and Alcohol Drug and Alcohol Awareness. Four Stages of Drinking. $2,000-$2,500   Nichols College (14'). Shenandoah ('14). Lasell College ('17). Hobart and William Smith Colleges ('19).
Greene Mitch Sport Psychologist   Sport Psychology $300   Haverford College ('19). Middlebury College ('19).
Hackenson Robert Motivational Speaker Dynamic Influence addiction and anxiety of social media, communication skills, and cyber bullying $1,900 Albertus Magnus College
Hall Bob CEO and founder Conflict Literacy Group Alcohol and Non-Violent Sexuality: Making Peace with Passion $2,500 Cornell College (14').
Hand Gail Motivational Humorist   Taming of the Brew for Athletes, Wellness Program for Alcohol Task Force, and Team Building with coaches. Social Media Usage. $1,900 - $4,000 Manchester University (14'). LaGrange College ('14). Huntingdon College ('14). North Carolina Wesleyan College ('14). Meredith College ('14).
Heininger Will Mental Health Outreach Coordinator University of Michigan Mental Health Education and Outreach $1,500 D'Youville College ('19), Univerisity of Pittsburgh,Bradford (19')
Herren Chris     "Unguarded" - Drug and Alcohol Education 1200 -8,500 Tufts (14'). Massachusetts Maritime Academy ('14). Emerson College ('14). State University of New York at Oswego ('14). Rowan University ('19).
Hill Nicole Clinical Psychologist   Stress Management and Overall Wellness $700   Trinity Colllege (CT) ('19).
Hines Kevin Mental Health Advocate   "Living Mentally Well"     University of Mary Washington ('19)
Hitz Tracie     Leadership $400   Heartland Conference ('19)
Hooton Don   Taylor Hooton Foundation Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Supplements $2,000 ASC ('11, 14'). Heartland Conference ('12). Nichols (14').
Huston River sex educator   alcohol, sexual assault and bystander intervention $1,900 Lassell ('14).
Hunter Erica Nutritionist   Nutritional Education $2,106   Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden ('19).
Iannone Virgina Motivational Speaker   Generation Communication $1,000   King's College (PA) ('19).
Ingraham Chip Founder FCA Leadership Development $2,500   Gordon College ('19)
Jackson Dan Leaderahip Speaker   Mental Toughness and Leadership $3,500   CUNYAC ('19)
Jackson John     Velocity Training $4,500   Rivier Univeristy ('17)
Janssen Jeff founder and president Janssen Sports Leadership Center Leadership Academy $2,000 Neumann University ('14). Edgewood College ('19).
Jones Dr. Tiffany     Educational Series $2,500   Stevenson University ('19).
Jones-Fosu Justin Motivational speaker Justin Inspires International personal decisions and how to fight to maintain one's belief system in the face of the transition to college $3,800 State University of New York at New Paltz ('14).
Judge Janet President of Sports Law Associates Sports Law Associates Risk of Social Networking Sites / Well-Being and Substance Abuse $2500-$5000   Nichols College (14'). Husson Univ (14') Pennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend College (14'). University of Pittsburgh, Bradford (14'). Eastern Mennonite University ('14).
Kachmerik Lynn Leadership Speaker   Leadership strengths and Weaknesses $1,304   MIAA('19)
Kacyvenski Isaiah Motivational Speaker, former NFL player   Tackling Life $1,700 Endicott ('14).
Kaplan Lynne   Do What Counts DiSC. Leadership Training and Skill Development.     . Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference ('14).
Kaplan Nancy     SA Education Series $1,500   Sarah Lawrence College ('19).
Kelly Carol MA, RDN, CSSD, Director of Nutrition Services Emory University Sports Nutrition $700   UAA ('19).
Kerley April Motivational Speaker Paraolympics   $1,950 Mount St. Joseph (14').
Koehler Mike   Fieldhouse Media Social Media Education $1,200 ASC ('13). Landmark Conference (14').
Koestner Katie Public Speaker   Healthy Relationships $18,950 SCIAC ('19).
Kreuz Gabriella     " Love Doesn't Shove" $1,860 John Carroll University ('19)
Kunkel Jack Nutritionist Revolutionary Wellness Sports Nutrition $1,300 Hamilton College (14').
Lastoria Michael, Dr. professor and director of counseling services Houghton College student sexuality and sexual behaviors $1,900 Bethel Univ. ('14).
LaVoi Nicole Dr. Associate Director of Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sports University of Minnesota Motivational Techniques & Strategies $1,000   UMAC ('12). St. Olaf College (14').
Leman Cathy Nutritionist NutriFit, Inc.   $1,500 Wheaton College (IL) ('14).
Levin Jeff Student-Athlete Mentor Trainer SAM Program Leadership development, Diversity, and Sportsmanship $2,250 Western New England (14').
Limegrover Eric Certified Counselor Eric Limegrover and Associates "Basics" (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) $1,900 Marietta College ('14).
Lindsey C.L. Author, founder, Esq Coalition for Student and Academic Rights consensual sex issues, rape drugs, sexting, sexual misconduct $2,500 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Madden Kelly Performance Psychology Consultant   increase awareness of the importance of peer leadership $2,000   Lesley University ('14).
Markovich David motivational speaker   spoke about extremely rare autoimmune disorder, Transverse Myelitis $300 John Carroll University ('14).
Marshall Kristen Keynote Speaker and Executive Director velocityHUB / Victory Academy Leadership Development Workshops focused on leadership, sportsmanship, digital excellence, personal development and professional development Varies NESCAC, Tufts, Middlebury
Matthews Jim     "Beer, Booze, and Books" $1,900   Daniel Webster College ('11). Rosemont College ('14).
McClellan George Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment IUPUI "Double Down Blues: Gambling, College Athletics and the Collegiate Athlete" $1,970 Defiance College (14').
McGrath Don facilitator Contour Leadership LLC Leadership Development $4,000 RIT('19).
McKenzie Justin facilitator Hope Happens Here "Hope Happens Here" $350 RPI ('19).
McPherson Don Former NFL Players/Activist   Sexual & Domestic Violence Prevention $1,000 Hobart and William Smith Colleges ('14). Ithaca College ('19).
Mihalko Reid sex and relationship educator Thriving Now Playing The Field: How To Be a Champion In Dating, In Sex, In Sports, In School, and In Life $1,900 Hampden-Sydney College ('14).
Miller Rob     "The First Steps to Great Teams" $2,000   Thomas College (14').
Monserrat Joseph Speaker   Mental Health Education $1,100   NESCAC ('19).
Morgan Michelle Director of Athletics John Carroll University SWA Leadership $527 NEAC ('19).
Mousseau Tim Survivor   Sexual Violence Prevention $3,800   Heidlberg University ('19)
      Humanex Ventures High-Impact Team Leadership Devlopment Training $2,000 St. Catherine University ('19).
      Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Personal Safety $6,000 Baldwin Wallace University ('19)
      Growing Leaders Leadership and Communication of Young People $2,100   Otterbein University ('19)
      Jillian Loyden Foundation Domestic Violence $1,900 Stockton University ('14). Rowan University ('14).
Naylor Adam     Mental Game Workshop $850   Endicott College ('17)
Norton Chris former football SA, motivational speaker Luther College perseverance and living each day to the fullest $500 Aurora University ('14).
O'Brien Jeff Director of Mentors in Violence Prevention National Consortium for Academics Mentors in Violence Program $2,000 NAC (14').
Palmer Kathryn Mental Health Professional   Mental Health Education $1,600   USA South ('19).
Parker Brian   Taylor Hooton Foundation "Educating America's Youth on the Dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs" $1,800 Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conf. ('14).
Peterson Carrie Food Science and Nutrition Internship Director University of Minnesota Sports Nutrition $1,900 Gustavus Adolphus College (14').
Pierce Sam     "How to Get Good Grades in College" $1,500   University of Wisconsin, La Crosse ('14).
Pincince Tom     Social Media Education $500 - $2,500   University of St. Joseph ('17). Curry College ('19).
Potter Mark Speaker D2Up Mental Health Symposium $1,000 NCAC ('19).
Redmond Katherine     Sexual Violence Prevention, Creating a Safe Place $1,400   Concordia College-Moorhead ('19).
Reid Gerald Sports Psychologist   training, preparation and anxiety management techniques $2,500 Wentworth (14').
Ritz Adam Radio Host The Adam Ritz Show "Are You Invincible?" $1,500 Cabrini College ('14). Clarkson University ('14).
Rivera Jose Former Three Time World Boxing Champion- 1997, 2003 & 2006   Never Quit $1,800 Johnson & Wales University (RI) ('14).
Rose Seth     Mental Preformance $809   Southern Vermont College ('19)
Roy Travis Ice hockey player Boston University "Eleven Seconds" $1,000 Worcester Polytechnic Institute ('14).
Salem Wade Motivational Speaker Character Matters Character Matters $1,900 University of Dubuque ('14).
Schwartz Dana     Career Planning / National Girls and Women in Sports Day $100   William Paterson University of New Jersey
Selk Jason     Performace Psychologist $1,500   Michigan Intercollegaite Athletic Assosciation ('17).
Shimko Emily FAR La Roche University Sas Dealing with stress and depression through postive coping mechanisms $500   La Roche Univeristy ('19)
Smith Eric     Financial Literacy $2,350   WIAC ('19)
Smith Katie     True-Colors Leadership Assessment Tool. $1,800   St. Catherine Univ. ('11, 14').
Spencer Dr. Jarrod Sports Psychologist   "Mind of the Athlete" $1900 - $3,495 Cedar Crest College ('14). Susquehanna University ('19). Misericordia University ('19). DeSales University ('11,'12,'13,14,'19). Delaware Valley University ('19). Penn State- Abington ('19). NEAC ('19). Morrisville State College ('19). Pennsylvania College of Technology ('19). SUNY - Polytechnic Institute ('19).
Strangland Jenna Certified Diectician   Nutrition $2,000   Macalester College ('19).
Strickland Pete     Leadership Development     SAA ('19)
Stringfield Ryan Executive Director Pathways to life drugs and alcohol awareness $1,500 Covenant College ('14).
Sullivan John Mental Health Professional   Mental Health Seminar for GNAC ATC $1,000   GNAC ('19)
Suttle Eric     Healthy Life Choices     Lagrange College ('11).
Switchenko Daniel Motivational Speaker   Impact of Substance Abuse Upon Academic and Athletic Performance $2,000 Curry College ('14).
Syme Chris speaker CKSyme Media Group Practice Safe Social $1,600 Whitworth University('14). University of Puget Sound ('14). Northwest Conference ('14).
Tashman Lauren Mental Health Professional   Student Athlete Mental Health $3,000   University of Lynchburg ('19).
Taylor Denise Motivational Speaker   "We Get To" Movement $3,500 Hanover College (14').
Taylor Stephen M.P.H Safe & Sober Campus Initiative educational program focusing on decreasing binge drinking and bad-decision making among college students $2,500   Wesleyan Univ. (CT) (14').
Theissen Craig       $2,600   University of Mount Union ('14).
Thompson Chandler Interactive Workshop Facilitator CampusSpeak, Inc.   $100 Salem College ('14).
Thompson Courtney     Mental Health and Reslience Training $2,355   Whitman College ('19).
Tracy Ben     Social Media Education $545   Dominican University ('19).
Tracy Brenda Motivational Speaker Set The Expectation Sexual Violence Prevention $2,000 UW-Platteville ('19)
Tran-Myhre Kyle spoken word poet Compas Artists sexual violence, bystander response and resources to support victims $1,000 University of Rochester ('14).
Turpin Christin Sport Nutritionist Towson University Sports Nutrition, Eating on a Budget, Food Insecurity     Goucher College ('19).
Underwood John Sport Psychologist American Athletic Institute "Pure Performance" $3,200   Roger Williams (14'). Bates College (14'). Rochester Institute of Technology ('14).
Vandenberg Kim Former Olympian   Mental Health and Preformance $2,500   St. Joseph's College (long Island) ('19).
Walker Kristi Speaker   Young Women and Resilience $350   Adrian College ('19)
Walton Shannon Speaker   "Ultimate Mental Edge" $1,119   Northern Vermont University- Johnson ('19).
Ward Kevin Founder/Presenter Forward Group Leadership Development $5,682 Mass Maritime/ Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference ('19)
Warner Amber sport psychologist and DIII Head Coach   Sport Preformance $750   University of Chicago ('19).
Warren Barron     Manhood- what are the philosophical and cultireal connotations to the word $450   Adrian College ('19)
Wierman Tim   Nutrition Education Services "Eat to Compete" $1,750 Ripon College ('14). Gwynedd Mercy University ('14). Centenary College (New Jersey) ('14). Marywood University ('14). Heidelberg University ('14). Lynchburg College ('14). Willmington College (Ohio) ('19). Moravian College ('19).
Williams Gary     Step Up Training $2,100 Capital University ('19)
Williams Marc Motivational Speaker     $1,300 Finlandia University ('14).
Williams Tanya Nutritionist Lycoming College sports specific nutrition training $1,900   Lycoming College ('14).
Winkle Jason Motivational Speaker Education Speakers Group Be, Know, Do: How the Military’s Approach to Leadership Can be Applied to Your School $2,000 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (14').
Winn Sherry Motivational Speaker, Former Olympian   Individual Well- Being $2,100 Ohio Northern ('19)
Wolfe Bob       $1,500   City University of New York Athletic Conference ('14).
Wood Spencer   Icebox Adversity Training, Mental Discipline, and Mental Toughness $2,200 Notre Dame of Maryland University ('14). Buena Vista University ('14). Loras College ('14). Coe College ('14).
Woody Claudia Vice President and Managing Director IBM Global Intellectual Property Licensing Mary Baldwin College $1,100 Mary Baldwin College ('14).
Zallis Lauren Sports Psychologist   Mental Health Skill Development $300   Dominican University ('19).