Wrestling away from a troubled past

How one sport found its way back after the unthinkable became real.

University of Nebraska at Kearney wrestling student-athlete suspended for conduct

INDIANAPOLIS -- University of Nebraska at Kearney wrestling student-athlete Patrick Martinez received a public reprimand and an eight-match suspension for his misconduct during the 2013 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships. The NCAA...

PROP approves rules changes for men’s and women’s basketball

By Greg Johnson The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which met via conference call June 24, approved a change to how block/charge calls will be made in men’s basketball and added a 10-second backcourt rule in women’s basketball,...

Pittsburgh-Johnstown’s Sean Isgan is one cool cat

By Erica Rath For NCAA.org Sean Isgan knows how to keep his cool. In the summer of 2002, Isgan, a Pittsburgh-Johnstown alumnus and former NCAA Division II All-America wrestler, aided rescue in one of the most notorious mine collapses in...


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