Women's Basketball

Division II members support health and safety proposals

The Division II membership passed legislation impacting health and safety issues, football conditioning workouts, conference challenge basketball events and championships selections during Saturday’s business session at the NCAA Convention.

2014 Women's Final Four Records Book

For questions or updates to the 2014 Women's Final Four Records, please e-mail Rick Nixon (rnixon@ncaa.org) Full Book By Section Women's Final Four The Preliminary Rounds The Tournament The Coaches Attendance and Sites The Tournament Field...

Division II coach pushed Palmer to break NBA gender barrier

Violet Palmer won national women’s basketball championships at Cal Poly Pomona before making history as the first woman to officiate a regular season NBA game.

Pediatric oncologist learned value of teamwork at Georgia College

Basketball standout Amy Amundson fulfilled her goals of getting a comprehensive, well-rounded college experience that allowed her to focus on her academics and love for the piano, as well as her athletics pursuits at Georgia College & State University.


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