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National Collegiate Men's Volleyball

Championship information: Play-in Games Structure 2016-17 Play-in Match Bid Checklist Manuals: 2016-17 Pre-Championship Manual 2016-17 Host Operations Manual 2016-17 Participant Manual Links and resources: Men's Volleyball Rules of the...

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Championship information: 2015 Bid Checklist for First Round Manuals: 2016-17 Preliminary-Round Bid Checklist 2016-17 Host Operations Manual 2016-17 Pre-Championship Manual Links and resources: 2015-17 USA Volleyball Domestic Competition...

Digging deep

The controversial season that hardened Kyle Ray's resolve

New Rules go into effect for spring sports

By Greg Johnson Several rules changes are planned this season for the spring sports of men’s lacrosse, baseball, men’s volleyball, men’s and women’s track and field, and softball. The rules committees for each of those sports met last...

DIII men's volleyball rules modified

By Greg Johnson The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel during an Aug. 16 conference call approved several rules clarifications in Division III men’s volleyball, including not allowing the libero to serve. The Division III Men’s Volleyball...


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