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Basketball Certification

General Information: Contact Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group Basketball Certification Guidelines for the Certification Process Access the Basketball Certification Online System (BBCS) to file an application, submit a review...

Big Ten breaks own record for men’s basketball attendance

Men’s basketball attendance numbers show Big Ten breaking its own records and the Division I tournament drawing its third-highest crowd ever.

BYU’s Holmoe to replace Zaninovich on DI Men’s Basketball Committee

Tom Holmoe, BYU AD, to replace Jamie Zaninovich in the West Coast Conference position for the next two years as Zaninovich leaves for the Pac-12 Conference.

Men’s Basketball Committee adjusts criteria for calling charges, blocks

Highlights WHAT HAPPENED : The Men’s Basketball Rules Committee recommended an alteration to its airborne shooter rule, which will require a defending player to be in legal guarding position before the airborne player leaves the floor to...


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