Men's Basketball

Men’s Basketball Committee adjusts criteria for calling charges, blocks

Highlights WHAT HAPPENED : The Men’s Basketball Rules Committee recommended an alteration to its airborne shooter rule, which will require a defending player to be in legal guarding position before the airborne player leaves the floor to...

Classmates now, but always mom and son

For their mother’s graduation, Chicago State’s Aaron Williams (at age 3 with his mom, above, and at bottom left, today) says he and his brother will treat Tonya Williams to a weekend in a downtown Chicago hotel. “We respect education...

Council recommends transfer policy change

The waiver process for certain Division I undergraduate student-athletes could change to allow for extra time to complete a degree rather than the opportunity to compete immediately after transfer.

NCAA Men’s Final Four brings record number fans to North Texas, leaves lasting impact

The 2014 NCAA Division I Men’s Final Four set an all-time attendance record and saw record-breaking online and television viewership for both semifinal games on Saturday, April 5. The two-session Final Four attendance totaled 158,682 fans...


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