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2017-18 NCAA Men's Basketball Records

For questions about or updates to the 2017-18 Men's Basketball Records, please email J.D. Hamilton ( ) for Division I Records or Sean Straziscar ( ) for Division II and III Records. Division I...

DI Men’s Basketball Committee redefines quality win

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee is altering its definition of a quality win, placing greater emphasis on winning road games.

Council introduces basketball start-of-season change proposal

Division I basketball games could start three days earlier, if legislation introduced today by the Division I Council is adopted.

Tracking transfer in Division I Men’s Basketball

Many of today’s college graduates transfer at some point on their way to a degree. Among student-athletes this may be most visible in Division I men’s basketball.

Thompson named to DI Men's Basketball Committee

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson has been named to the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, replacing retiring New Mexico Athletics Director Paul Krebs.

Men’s basketball coach’s box grows 10 feet

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved extending the coach’s box to 38 feet for the 2017-18 men’s basketball season.

Former York (New York) men’s basketball coach acted unethically

A former York (New York) head men’s basketball coach violated head coach responsibility rules and acted unethically

Career Development Award Winners

Gritt Broening This Fairleigh Dickinson junior spent four weeks volunteering in Tanzania. During this time, she helped build a water tank, install solar panels, and educate village teachers with new teaching techniques. Her overarching...

Men’s Basketball Rules Committee looks at future of the game

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee discussed overarching issues regarding the future of the game during its annual meeting this week in Indianapolis.

NCAA names AASP Career Development Award recipients

Gritt Broening of Fairleigh Dickinson and Samson Oyediran of Tennessee State were named the first recipients of the Accelerating Academic Success Program Career Development Award. The grant is the first of its kind for students who attend Accelerating Academic Success Program-eligible schools and plan to pursue a career in athletics.


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