General Raymond Odierno: College football opened doors for U.S. Army leader

When Gen. Raymond Odierno joined the football team at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1972, he hadn’t given much thought to a career in the Army. He didn’t come from a military family. He just wanted to play college football.

A Pitch in Time

The knuckle curve of Vermont's George Plender might have taken him to the major leagues, but military service intervened.

DIII committee considers championships changes

DIII Championships Committee considers minor changes to several championships.

Umpires allowed to conference, use video on ‘catch’ and ‘no catch’ plays in the outfield

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a rules change in baseball that allows umpires to conference in order to confirm or overturn an original call as to whether a fielder made a catch on a ball hit to the outfield.


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