Mental Health Social Media Campaign

In partnership with the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the Sport Science Institute

May 4-7, 2020 | #BreakTheStigma 

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Mental Health Social Media Campaign: Planning for the Campaign

It is suggested that each student-athlete, coach or administrator planning to partake in this campaign prepare by doing the following before the May 4-7, 2020 campaign dates:

Reach out to your athletics department’s director of communications, athletics director and/or senior woman administrator.

You can also reach out to your school’s marketing/communications department for assistance in engaging in the campaign.

Encourage the campus SAAC president to send a note to the SID informing them of the campaign. This will allow them to prepare social media of their own and to be on the lookout for student-athlete posts, which they can share on the institution’s social media account.

Inform your fellow student-athletes of the campaign.

Ask each team SAAC representative to make sure their teammates know of the dates, general details, and how they can be involved.

Make connections and use the resources available on your campus.

Discussing, speaking out on, and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health is a team effort! Fortunately, you already have a variety of resources available on your campus to help you make this campaign a success. Assign SAAC members to reach out to campus organizations, offices, or departments focused on mental health to discuss ways in which you can highlight their work during the campaign.

Prepare your materials.

As you will see below, this campaign uses a specific hashtag (#BreakTheStigma) and suggested engagement levels. It will be best if you prepare your engagements beforehand.


Campaigns are always most effective when they are coordinated. It will be helpful if you appoint a member of your SAAC (e.g., social media chair) to work with your institution, conference, or division to coordinate your engagements.

Reminder: Each of the activities proposed are suggestions! While we want to encourage everyone to participate in the campaign, it is up to you (and your creativity) to what extent you participate and what strategies for engagement you implement during the campaign week.

Tell us about it!

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