Mental Health Social Media Campaign

In partnership with the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the Sport Science Institute

May 4-7, 2020 | #BreakTheStigma 

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Mental Health Social Media Campaign: Engagement Ideas

Don’t know where to start? Here are general tips for engagement during the campaign.

Engagement Level 1: Tweeting/Creating Posts on Social Media.

Post initial announcements about the campaign.  Use various social media platforms to share messages, posts, tweets, videos and images highlighting the campaign and its objectives.  Use the unique strengths of each social media platform. For example, Twitter is great to create dialogue with followers, while Instagram is a powerful outlet to share visual materials such as videos and pictures. Of course, you can post materials on multiple platforms to increase engagement with followers.

Sample Tweets:

  • “For me, breaking the stigma of mental health is being ok with seeking help for myself to manage my daily stresses. It also means supporting others who are seeking help.”
  • “Breaking the stigma of mental health is removing all judgments and fostering an environment of open dialogue.”
  • “After I sought assistance to address my mental health issues, my world greatly improved.”

Engagement Level 2: Share Quotes/Testimonials/Videos Related to Mental Health

Student-athletes, athletics administrators, athletics departments and conference offices will be encouraged to share their testimonial or make a video sharing their story of support. Each person should share as much as they are comfortable. Make sure to end the video with the campaign tagline.

Sample Testimonials:

Engagement Level 3: Create Team/School/Conference Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Teams, institutions and conferences will be encouraged to participate by either showing how their staff breaks the stigma or supplying resources for student-athletes.

Sample Taglines:

Additional Suggestions:

  • Highlight the efforts to promote discussion surrounding mental health by administrators, faculty, programs, alumni that make your campus or conference unique.
  • Encourage wide participation by asking your friends, fellow teammates, members of campus student groups and classmates to join the campaign.

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