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The CARE Consortium

The Concussion Assessment, Research and Education Consortium, or CARE Consortium, endeavors to provide necessary infrastructure and scientific expertise to study concussion. The consortium is united in its goal to gain a better understanding of the neurobiopsychosocial nature of concussive injury and recovery in order to ultimately enhance the safety and health of our student-athletes, service members, youth sports participants and the broader public.

The CARE Consortium research is co-chaired by principal investigators at three research institutions. Indiana University School of Medicine serves as the Administrative and Operations Core and is the central coordination center for the CARE Consortium. Led by Dr. Thomas W. McAllister, chair of the IU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, Indiana provides fiduciary oversight as well as data and analysis management, bioinformatics, bio specimen, and clinical trial support resources for the consortium.

The University of Michigan leads the Longitudinal Clinical Study Core, a prospective, multi-institution clinical research protocol whose aim is to study the natural history of concussion among NCAA student-athletes. This investigation already is the largest ever of its type. Steven Broglio, Ph.D., ATC, associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and director of the NeuroSport Research Laboratory, leads this effort.

The Medical College of Wisconsin directs the Advanced Research Core. Led by Michael McCrea, Ph.D., professor of neurosurgery and director of brain injury research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, this effort includes cutting-edge studies that incorporate head impact sensor technologies, advanced neuroimaging, biological markers and detailed clinical studies to examine the acute effects and early pattern of neurophysiological recovery from sport-related concussion. Ultimately, the work is designed to more fully inform a comprehensive understanding of sport-related concussion and traumatic brain injury.

To find the latest news and information on participating research sites, visit the CARE Consortium website

Clinical Study Core Research Sites

Led by the University of Michigan

  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • California Lutheran University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Florida
  • University of Georgia
  • Humboldt State University
  • University of Miami (Florida)
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • University of North Georgia
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Princeton University
  • University of Rochester
  • Temple University
  • U.S. Air Force Academy
  • U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  • U.S. Military Academy
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Wake Forest University
  • University of Washington
  • Wilmington College (Ohio)
  • Winston-Salem State University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
Advanced Research Core Research Sites

Led by the Medical College of Wisconsin

  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison