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NCAA Board of Governors Policy on Campus Sexual Violence FAQ

COVID-19 Impact on 2019-20 Attestation Form Process

The NCAA Board of Governors has made modifications to the 2019-20 attestation form process to help member schools attest their compliance amid these challenging circumstances. These modifications are only applicable for the 2019-20 attestation year. Please contact if your questions are not answered here.

Is the deadline for 2019-20 still May 15?

No, the deadline has been moved to June 15, 2020 due to COVID-19.

My campus is closed and all of our students are taking classes remotely. We had education sessions scheduled but now cannot host them in person. How can we still meet the education requirement?

In a partnership between the NCAA and the UNC Greensboro’s Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness (IPAHW), schools that have not yet completed their education requirement for student-athletes may fulfill it remotely using the myPlaybook course. Schools should contact IPAHW staff via email at or via phone at 336-269-0004 to gain access. This course is available free of charge to student-athletes through the NCAA’s partnership until June 15, 2020.

If you already had education planned that can be moved to virtual or online education, that is also encouraged.

My campus is closed and we still needed to educate a few more coaches and staff members. How can we still meet the education requirement?

Schools that still need to complete the education requirement for coaches and administrators may access the “NCAA Coaches Assist for Sexual Violence Prevention” course in the NCAA Learning Portal for virtual education. This course is available within the NCAA Learning Portal for staff to enroll in and is listed as a “Featured Course.”

If you already had education planned that can be moved to virtual or online education, that is also encouraged.

Our campus is closed and we are all working remotely. How am I supposed to get signatures from my chancellor/president, athletics director and campus Title IX coordinator?

The Board modified the signatory requirement so that only the athletics director must sign the modified form to minimize cross-campus connections. The athletics director should access the modified form for download and sign their name after conferring with the president/chancellor and campus Title IX coordinator. This accommodation is intended to reduce cross-campus coordination while schools are closed or practicing social distancing.

If you have already downloaded and started the previous form, you may use tools like DocuSign to obtain the other signatures. If you have questions about the form, please contact

I previously downloaded the original form. Can I use that form and only have the athletics director sign?

If you are using the original form, all three signatures are required. If you wish to utilize the modified signatory requirement, please use the modified form and have the athletics director sign after conferring with your president/chancellor and campus Title IX Coordinator.

Our school prefers to have all three signatures on our form. Can we still use the original form?

If you wish to submit the original form with all three signatures you are welcome to do so, as long as all three signatures are obtained. An original form with only one or two signatures will not be accepted. Please contact if you have additional questions.

When did the policy begin?

The policy was effective immediately after the NCAA Board of Governors adopted it in August 2017. The first deadline for schools to attest that the requirements have been met was May 15, 2018. The Board of Governors amended the policy in August 2018. The annual attestation period runs from March 1 – May 15 each year.

What is the deadline for completing the annual education for coaches, student-athletes and athletics staff?

Annual education should be completed during the applicable academic year to allow presidents or chancellors, athletics directors and campus Title IX coordinators to attest in spring of that academic year. For example, for the 2019-20 academic year, education should be completed prior to the May 15 deadline so that presidents or chancellors, athletics directors and campus Title IX coordinators can attest to their compliance by the May 15 deadline.

What is the 2020 deadline for presidents or chancellors, athletics directors and campus Title IX coordinators to attest that the education has occurred on campus?

May 15, 2020. The attestation form will be available electronically in the NCAA Learning Portal and on beginning March 1, 2020 and must be completed by May 15, 2020. This is a firm deadline.

The NCAA Learning Portal may be accessed through

How do I upload my completed form?

Each school’s director of athletics must upload the final form in the NCAA Learning portal. They should: 

  1. Go to and select NCAA Learning Portal.
  2. Click My Courses and launch the 2019-2020 Sexual Violence Prevention Attestation.
    Note: this course is automatically assigned to each director of athletics only.
  3. Watch the module video.
  4. Follow the directions at the end of the video to upload your completed form in the module by May 15.

You will receive a confirmation email after the form is successfully uploaded.

What type of education meets the expectations of the policy?

The policy allows member schools to determine the types and manner of education provided. The NCAA Sexual Violence Prevention Tool Kit can assist member schools in this effort. The tool kit provides checklists for campus collaboration and educational resources created specifically for student-athletes. Those resources include the online curriculum myPlaybook, which includes a course on sexual violence prevention.

What happens after the deadline?

A list of schools that have and have not attested to the requirements of the policy will be presented in a report to the Board of Governors at their August meeting each year. Once approved, the lists will be published on 

Which athletics staff members are expected to complete the education requirement?

While the policy does not provide a specific definition of staff for purposes of the educational prong and provides institutions the discretion to determine how far to extend their educational efforts (e.g. whether to include temporary workers, consultants or contractors), there is an expectation that all education will meet the requirements of local, state and federal law. All coaches including part-time, volunteer and assistant coaches, as well as athletics administrators full-time and temporary, and participating student-athletes are expected to complete the education.

My school already completed an attestation in the fall, why do we have to do this as well?

The fall attestation of compliance is a different requirement than the Board of Governors policy on campus sexual violence. If you believe your school has already attested to the policy for the current academic year, you may contact to confirm.

If I have additional questions about the policy where should I go?

Questions about the policy or attestation process may be sent to This inbox will only answer questions related to the policy and attestation process.

If I have technical questions where should I go?

Questions about the NCAA Learning Portal may be sent to