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Mental Health Interdisciplinary Team Planner

The Mental Health Interdisciplinary Team Planner, recommended by the NCAA Task Force to Advance Mental Health Best Practice Strategies, is a resource designed for athletics department staff to support student-athlete mental health care in collaboration with their campus partners. The planner identifies tasks and resources associated with a comprehensive approach to supporting student-athlete mental health care, and that can assist schools in implementing the Mental Health Best Practices.

Download the planner and its accompanying resources

The planner is based on a comprehensive approach to understanding and supporting student-athlete mental wellness that addresses the individual needs of student-athletes, and the environments for which they are a part. This comprehensive approach to mental health planning consists of the following five core elements:

  • Identifying critical mental health issues.
  • Identifying campus partners and resources.
  • Identifying evidence-based programs, policies and practices.
  • Implementing programs, policies and practices.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of prevention efforts.

The planner was developed based on the following public health model that demonstrates how athletics departments can address the individual needs of their student-athletes and the influences of team and campus environments. At each level, resources are identified to assist athletics departments with engaging student-athletes and prevention partners in support of student-athlete mental health and well-being: