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Regional Compliance Seminar

Regional Compliance Seminars (RCS) offer a new look and feel to in-person rules education.  These seminars will integrate various learning styles that promote a positive learning environment.  Information will be facilitated through learning segments designed to engage seminar participants and will emphasize practical, hands-on learning.

2016-17- Seminar Topics

Participants will engage their colleagues in discussions on the following topics:

  • Crowdfunding;
  • Awards and Benefits;
  • Progress-Toward-Degree;
  • Four-Year College Transfers;
  • Investigations and Violation Reporting;
  • Financial Aid;
  • Convention Legislation;
  • New LSDBi; and
  • Topics as determined by the region.

Additionally, participants may attend optional sessions immediately prior to each seminar. Participants may learn about:

  • An online education program developed by the National Association for Athletics Compliance (NAAC) through the Division II Foundation for the Future grant;
  • A coaches online education program to be developed by NCAA Division II staff through the Division II Foundation for the Future grant; and
  • Sport sponsorship and the interplay of Bylaws 17 and 20 and championship selection criteria.    

Upcoming seminars

Southeast RCS October 12-13, 2016 Charlotte, NC
South Central RCS October 19-20, 2016 Dallas, TX
South RCS November 15-16, 2016 Birmingham, AL
Atlantic RCS March 21-22, 2017 Harrisonburg, VA
East RCS March 27-28, 2017 Trumbull, CT
Central RCS April 18-19 Kansas City, MO

Attention Attendees: Please take time to review the workbook prior to the seminar. The NCAA Division II staff strongly encourages all participants to download a copy of the workbook in advance of the seminar.

Interested in learning more about Division II Regional Compliance Seminars?

Please contact Angela Tressel, assistant director of academic and membership affairs, at

Previous Seminars

The 2016 Regional Compliance and Regional Rules Seminars took place across six separate regions from January through June 2016.

Seminar presentations were facilitated through learning modules covering the following informational topics:

  • Process of student-athlete eligibility certification;
  • Best practices for working with coaches;
  • Financial aid including the calculation of equivalencies;
  • Process for submitting various waivers;
  • How and when to file emergency interpretations;
  • Handling violations and/or requests for student-athlete reinstatement;
  • Issues related to social media platforms;
  • The use of logos on equipment, uniforms, and apparel.