University of Miami

2018 NCAA Inspiration Award: Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly’s father instilled the “Kelly Tough” mantra early on in his six sons. He believed the motivation to excel must come from within.

Having a Field Day

The day Michael Burns returned to baseball, he wasn’t sure he was healthy enough.

New DI Council chair brings strong experience, vision

Blake James has always been intrigued by college sports. The athletics director at Miami (Florida) knew when he was a student himself that he wanted to work in the field. Now James is the new chair of the Division I Council, the day-to-day decision-making body for the division.

Coach Me if You Can

Olympics-seasoned college coaches share their games strategies before Rio.

Russell Maryland: A Duty To Serve

Russell Maryland won a lot of games as a University of Miami (Florida) football player, but a vital part of his college experience was being mentored by coaches and professors. Now Maryland pays it back by guiding youth in the right direction.

Patrick Hill and Brandon Rice: Former football players shatter stereotypes in pursuing careers as nurses

Brandon Rice and Patrick Hill hope to put their nursing degrees and knowledge to use while shattering stereotypes within the nursing profession and making a difference in the lives of others.

2016 Silver Anniversary Award winner: Russell Maryland

As a young boy, Russell Maryland’s father told him “anything you put your mind to, you have to do with all your heart.” Years later, no phrase better encapsulates Maryland’s decorated football career and commitment to community stewardship.

University of Miami lacked institutional control resulting in a decade of violations

Download the Report Listen to a replay of the teleconference The University of Miami lacked institutional control when it did not monitor the activities of a major booster, the men’s basketball and football coaching staffs, student-...

Report details missteps, insufficient oversight; NCAA commits to improvements

Select NCAA enforcement staff acted contrary to internal protocols, legal counsel and the membership’s understanding about the limits of its investigative powers in the University of Miami case, according to the external Enforcement Review...

NCAA launches external review of enforcement program

The NCAA national office has uncovered an issue of improper conduct within its enforcement program that occurred during the University of Miami investigation. Former NCAA enforcement staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney...

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