Penn State University

NCAA responds to Corbett announcement

The NCAA today responded to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s announcement that he is planning to sue the Association for its handling of the Penn State sanctions. The following is a statement from Donald M. Remy, NCAA Executive Vice...

Task force sets timeline for endowment fund

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick A task force created to set up the structure and policies for the endowment formed out of the $60 million NCAA-imposed fine against Penn State has begun formulating how the funds will be used. The Child Sexual...

NCAA statement on first quarterly Mitchell report

In response to the first quarterly report from former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, who is the independent athletics integrity monitor for Penn State, the NCAA has released the following statement from President Mark Emmert: “I’m pleased...

Task force members named to oversee Penn State endowment fund

An NCAA-created national task force will oversee an endowment funded by the $60 million fine imposed on Penn State. All funds from the fine will follow the endowment guidelines established by the Child Sexual Abuse Endowment Task Force and flow to programs designed to prevent child sexual abuse or assist the victims of child sexual abuse nationwide.


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