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Level III secondary Infractions self reporting

Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO)

Beginning May 15, 2013 Level III / secondary violation self-reporting was incorporated into AMA Online. The addition of  Level III / secondary self-reporting enables member institutions and conferences to submit Level III / secondary violation self-reports electronically. With the incorporation of Level III / secondary self-reporting, the AMA Online system has been renamed Requests/Self-Reports Online.

List of standard penalties

Division III requirement to report violations or verify no violations occurred

NCAA Bylaw - Reporting Secondary Violations - requires that Division III institutions must submit either self-reports of secondary violations (Level I and Level II) or an annual confirmation that the institution did not commit any secondary violations. Any secondary violations that occurred at the institution during the academic year should be submitted to the enforcement staff through the Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO) system. If an institution did not report any violations, it must verify that no violations occurred at the institution on the Sports Sponsorship Institutional Demographic Report, which must be submitted by August 15.

Division I institutions only: New reporting process for level IV violations

For Division I institutions, cases involving only Level IV (Incidental Infractions) violations occurring on or after August 1, 2013 shall be reported to and processed by the Division I conference offices. In situations involving only Level IV infractions, the conference with which the involved institution is associated will work with the institution to determine whether issues need to be addressed and, if so, the appropriate penalties to be prescribed, if any. Only independent institutions should submit all Level III and IV violations to the NCAA enforcement staff using Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO).

In an effort to provide guidance to the Division I membership, the list of incidental infractions is available below and has been posted on the Enforcement Information web page. By definition, an incidental infraction (Level IV) is a minor infraction that is technical in nature and does not constitute a Breach of Conduct (Level III) violation. Level IV infractions generally will not impact eligibility for intercollegiate athletics. Please note that multiple or repeated Level IV infractions collectively may constitute a Level III violation.

Level III / secondary enforcement group contact information

Fine payments

P.O. Box 540014
Atlanta, GA 30353-0014