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Kaplan Test Prep Services

NCAA Leadership Development has collaborated with Kaplan Test Prep over the last four years to educate each other of both the demands you have as administrators to aid student-athletes with their education and career preparation, what resources our student-athletes need in order to succeed as they transition out of college and what tools and resources Kaplan Test Prep can provide to assist with the desired outcomes.

From these collaborations, the NCAA was able to provide preparation course certificates through a pilot program for student-athletes during the 2013-14 academic year. Schools consumed the entire allotted certificate bank for the academic year within just a 30-day window creating the unfortunate issue that not all requests were able to be met.

As a result, the NCAA provided additional access to test preparation for 253 student-athletes. Requests were made for a variety of graduate school exams: law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, business and general education (which made up 41% of the requests), and the student-athletes who participated represented 23 sports, over 50 schools and a broad demographic base. Additionally, 120 athletics departments received on-site orientation and training on how to guide student-athletes along the road to graduate school.

From the overwhelming success of these programs, the NCAA and Kaplan Test Prep have committed to broaden the collaboration by providing resources and tools to schools, conferences and student-athletes.

Test preparation materials

Advisor Quick Sheet. This document provides life skills and academic support staff with an at-their-desk reference guide. This guide should be used to help your student-athletes receive the basic information necessary to make an informed decision about graduate school. Additionally, this guide will assist student-athletes with creating a plan to gain admission into a competitive program focused on their field of interest. 

To access the Advisor Quick Sheets, go here (PDF).

Additional resources

The NCAA negotiated an institutional, discounted rate for the membership, which allows athletics departments and conferences (if approved) to run high-quality classes at school facilities during times that best benefit the needs of each academic and sports community. A comprehensive report will also be produced for participating schools and conferences regarding the impact of the program during the academic year.

To schedule a test preparation class, contact Krystin Major from Kaplan Test Prep directly at 410-991-5351 or by email at

Please note: The discount cannot be applied to student-athletes enrolling in courses outside of those sponsored by their schools or conference offices.

Contact us

For additional information about the Kaplan Test Prep resources, please contact Krystin Major from Kaplan Test Prep by email at or 410-991-5351 by phone.