Health and Safety

NCAA student-athletes deserve a safe and healthy college experience.

Sports come with inherent risks, but through partnerships, education and innovations we can provide student-athletes with the best environment for success. Through our Sport Science Institute the NCAA is leading a national effort to partner with member schools, the Department of Defense and the public sector to conduct research, promote policies and develop educational materials that benefit the safety, excellence and wellness of all athletes.

Sport Science Institute

The NCAA Sport Science Institute (SSI) is the organization’s new national center for excellence for the study and improvement of health and safety in athletics. The SSI is devoted to research, education, collaboration, policy development, and best practice guidelines that will benefit the safety, excellence and wellness of the intercollegiate student-athlete. In order to achieve its goals, the SSI is partnering with member institutions and organizations that can further its mission and vision. The SSI does not perform primary research on site, but instead works in a collaborative model with other groups in pursuit of common goals.