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SSI Learn is now live!

By NCAA Sport Science Institute



Many schools have been seeking an online sickle cell trait educational module for student-athletes. The NCAA Sport Science Institute has produced a new, free online course that student-athletes can complete on their own time. Student-athletes can then email you confirmation of course completion. This course is not mandatory, but can be taken by any student-athlete in all three divisions. To take the course, go to

Division III

Division III institutions are required by Bylaw to provide each student-athlete education regarding sickle cell trait. In addition to discussing your institution’s policies related to student-athletes with sickle cell trait, institutions can use this new video and provide copies of the sickle cell trait fact sheet for student-athletes during in-person compliance or sports medicine meetings.  This new online course on can be used to meet components required in Division III Bylaws, (i) and


An institution shall confirm the sickle cell trait status of student-athletes, before participation in intercollegiate athletics in one of the following manners: (effective 8/1/13 for all incoming (first year and transfers) student-athletes; effective 8/1/14 for all student-athletes).

  1. Documentation. The student-athlete may provide documented results of a sickle cell solubility test administered prior to participation;
  2. Pending Documentation. A student-athlete who has taken a sickle cell solubility test but whose results are not yet confirmed, may participate provided the student-athlete engages in mandatory education as set forth in Bylaw and receives appropriate precautions as set forth by the institution; or
  3. Waiver. The student-athlete may sign a waiver declining confirmation of sickle cell trait status if:
    1. Prior to signing a waiver, the institution provides the student-athlete education regarding the implications of exercising the waiver option; and
    2. Prior to athletics participation, a student-athlete who signs a waiver under this provision engages in mandatory education as set forth in Bylaw


Mandatory Sickle Cell Trait Status Education. Effective Date: August 1, 2013. Each student-athlete shall be provided education regarding sickle cell trait status. Student-athletes who have been tested, but do not have confirmed results documented or have signed a waiver per Bylaw, shall be provided additional education regarding the risks, impact and precautions associated with sickle cell trait (adopted: 1/19/13, effective 8/1/13 for all incoming (first year and transfer) student-athletes; effective 8/1/14 for all student-athletes).

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2013