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Division II National SAAC-Sponsored Cardiac Health Initiative

The NCAA Division II National Student Athlete Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the NCAA Sport Science Institute, is leading a Cardiac Health Initiative to raise awareness for the cardiac health of college athletes and to increase the number of NCAA community members who are CPR/AED certified.

Though sudden fatality from a heart condition remains the leading medical cause of death in college athletes, there’s a 90 percent chance an individual will survive if he or she is treated properly within three minutes. The Cardiac Health Initiative, grounded in the Interassociation Consensus Statement on Cardiovascular Care of College Athletes, provides a compelling public health message that proper CPR/AED certification can save the life of someone who is in cardiac arrest.

In support of this effort, the Division II National SAAC members have made a public commitment to become CPR/AED certified and co-sponsored an Association-wide CPR/AED training at the 2017 NCAA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Join the Division II National SAAC members in support of this effort by getting heart certified today.