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Concussion Safety

In January 2015, the five Division I conferences with autonomy around student-athlete well-being matters passed Concussion Safety Protocol Legislation that builds upon previous NCAA concussion legislation. The new legislation states that each school must submit a concussion safety protocol to the Concussion Safety Protocol Committee – also created by the legislation – for review, and the protocol must be consistent with the Inter-Association Consensus: Diagnosis and Management of Sport-Related Concussion Guidelines.

The Concussion Safety Protocol Committee met March 9, 2015, at the NCAA national office.  The purpose of the meeting was to define the scope and parameters of the committee, in keeping with the new legislation, and to develop a checklist that outlines the core components for each institution’s concussion management plan.  

Throughout spring and summer 2015, the Committee assessed submissions from each of the 65 schools in the conferences under this legislation and made recommendations for improvement and for consistency with checklist and inter-association guidelines. All 65 protocols ultimately were approved and are available below. 

Concussion Safety Protocol Committee Roster