Division I Governance


Division I collaborates on review

In January 2013, the Board of Directors launched a comprehensive review of the Division I governance structure and processes, aimed at creating a system that better serves student-athletes. Members from all subdivisions are now working to streamline the process and structure by making it more transparent, responsive and inclusive.

Member input has been sought every step of the way, including through a division-wide session at the 2014 NCAA Convention in San Diego. From that meeting and other membership feedback, the subcommittee of presidents has developed the proposed model for a new governance system.

Conferences will be encouraged to examine the proposed model in depth during their spring meetings. Final solutions could be implemented in 2015.


Key dates

The key dates mark milestones in the Division I governance review:

April 24: Board of Directors meets to consider draft model.

May-July: Conferences evaluate draft model and provide feedback.

August 7: Board of Directors meets to consider new model.

Fall 2014-Winter 2015: Creation and implementation of model begins.