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Division III Sportsmanship

As one of the six primary attributes of Division III, the division promotes fair play by working to ensure fair and respectful conduct toward all participants and supporters.

The membership continues to support this emphasis through the creation of a Division III Sportsmanship and Game Environment Working Group. The working group’s primary efforts will focus on ways to enhance the Division III sportsmanship and game environment initiatives by identifying best practices in managing the game environment and providing helpful tools and resources for member institutions and conferences. Early efforts have centered around parental and fan behavior that take place in the stands during contests.

Throughout 2016-17, the Sportsmanship and Game Environment Working Group, focused on improving the behavior of parents and fans, worked to develop a Division III game environment program in conjunction with the Disney Institute.  The goal of “Gameday the DIII Way” is to achieve a better fan decorum at Division III athletics events by providing a consistent level of expectations and guest service throughout the division.  For more details on the program and the latest timeline, click here.