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National SAAC Statements of Support

The national Student-Athlete Advisory Committees for Divisions I, II and III have spoken in support of the Board of Governors’ proposal to add five independent members. The groups discussed the proposal at their recent meetings and adopted their positions of support. NCAA members will vote on the proposal Jan. 24, 2019, at the NCAA Convention.

“The proposal of adding five independent members to the Board of Governors, recommended by the commission on college basketball, will add an array of experiences and objectivity to this group, enhancing conversation and decision-making. The Division I SAAC endorses this proposal and believes it will benefit the entirety of intercollegiate athletics with the diversity it will bring to this level of the association's governance.”

Noah Knight, Division I SAAC Chair

“Division II SAAC supports the Board of Governors’ proposal to add independent members to the Board. This is an opportunity for new ideas, more diversity and it’s a way to build public confidence and trust in the NCAA. Division II SAAC encourages Division II conferences and institutions to support this proposal due to the positive impact that it presents.”

Josh Shapiro, Division II SAAC Chair

“First and foremost, we felt this would diversify positions and opinions, and ultimately promote objectivity. As a committee, we felt that it would be valuable to include outside personnel to ensure the integrity of the NCAA and help restore trust in the Association.”

Parker Hammel, Division III SAAC Chair