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Applications for NCAA Membership

These applications are to be used by those applying to the Division III exploratory or provisional/reclassifying process. Institutions must complete the exploratory year prior to making application for provisional membership.

The provisional/reclassifying application requires institutions to submit addendums. A couple of these addendums include: the viability statement, describing the institution’s commitment to the Division III philosophy statement, and the compliance assessment, demonstrating a functioning compliance system.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dan Calandro for additional information if you have further questions.

Application for Division III Exploratory Membership
Application for Division III Revoking Multidivision Classification

Best Practices

Achieving Excellence Through Diversity and Inclusion
Best Practices for Presidents with Athletics Oversight
Gender Equity
Model Division III Athletics Program
NCAA & Campus Partnership: Integration - Education & Athletics, a Model for Success (Final Report)
Sports Sponsorship Audit

Provisional and Reclassifying

Annual Report
Application for Division III Provisional/Reclassifying Membership

Calendar of Activities
Championships Chart
Current NCAA Division III Provisional, Reclassifying and Exploratory Members
Financial Aid Transition
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Self Study Guides

Conference Self-Study Guides (CSSG) and User Manual
Institutional Self-Study Guide (ISSG) and User Manual