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Updated November 7, 2014

Sportsmanship and Game Environment Working GroupThe NCAA governance staff is establishing a working group to enhance the Division III sportsmanship and game environment initiatives and identify best practices and provide tools and resources for member institutions and conferences.  The working group would consist of nine to 11 members and to the extent possible, the working group will be representative of the Division III membership (e.g., public and private, geographical) and be gender and ethnically diverse.  If you are interested in volunteering for the working group, please email Jay Jones.

Educational VideoView this educational video that highlights two issues that have been circulating around the division.  The first issue pertains to the number of student-athletes needed to sponsor the sport of golf, and the second issue pertains to permission to contact.

NCAA 2015 Convention Legislation.  The Official Notice will be available for distribution to the entire membership through a hard-copy mailing. The Official Notice includes all membership-sponsored legislation (as modified by a sponsor modification submitted by the September 15 deadline), all Presidents-Council sponsored legislation, all properly submitted amendments-to-amendments and resolutions (submitted by the November 1 deadline) and all position statements issued by Division III councils.

Facility and Financial Rule Impact Chart.  For a list of Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) approved playing rules changes with a financial impact and a future effective date, please click here.  If you have questions, contact Dan Calandro, Director of Playing Rules and Officiating, at the NCAA national office.

Campus Workshops.  NCAA member institutions and conference offices are now able to access grant funding through the NCAA’s Campus and Conference Workshops.  The Campus and Conference Services Grant Funding will award up to $2,000 to cover speaker fees to fund leadership development programming or will cover the cost to have a NCAA trained facilitator present and facilitate selected workshops. Funding is currently available.  Below find a listing of how member institutions and conference offices have used this funding:

  • Professional development workshops for staff and administrators.
  • SAAC and/or Student-Athlete Retreats/Meetings/Workshops.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • DiSC Behavioral Assessment.
  • Goal Setting & Action Planning.
  • Social Media.
  • Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program.

The application for funding is available on Program Hub – NCAA Campus and Conference Services Request Form.  Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis until the funding is depleted. For additional information concerning this program, please contact Jaime Fluker, Associate Director of Leadership Development by phone at 317/917-6973 or by email at