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Updated October 24, 2014

Purchasing Website.  Directors of athletics and conference commissioners recently received an email invitation to use a new $500 credit for the Division III purchasing website during 2014-15. The site is stocked with several new items – including co-brandable banners and posters based on Division III’s new “Know the Facts” campaign, which focuses on the division’s unique student-athlete experience, as well as banners for use during the annual Division III Week (next scheduled for April 6-12, 2015). The link for the purchasing website is (no "www" or "http" needed).  Access the site by entering the email address of your institution's director of athletics (or for conferences, the commissioner's email address) as the username, and then enter the password you created the first time you logged into the site (those logging in for the first time can create any password).  Assistance with logging in to the site, updating records to reflect a new director of athletics’ email address, delegating log-in access to another staff member, resetting passwords and placing orders is available from Amy Byrnes at Source One Digital.

360 Proof.  In January 2015, NASPA and the NCAA will launch a high-risk alcohol use reduction program called 360 Proof.  This program marks the first product of an Alcohol and Other Drug Collaborative formed between NASPA and NCAA Division III.  Click here for the full article.  While high-risk alcohol use is a primary concern on college campuses, the identification of effective alcohol programming is a significant challenge. Often small colleges do not have the time or other resources to fully address the issue.   Visit to learn more.

Handbook To Address Sexual Assault On Campus.  In order to help NCAA members be better equipped as campus partners to influence change in an issue facing college campuses nationwide, sexual assault and interpersonal violence, the NCAA recently issued to its members a new handbook that illustrates the responsibility athletics departments have in collaborating with other campus leaders to fight sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Titled “Addressing Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence: Athletics’ Role in Support of Healthy and Safe Campuses,” the handbook was created to assist athletics departments in being valued campus partners in an effort to change the culture surrounding this issue.

2015 NCAA Second Publication Of Proposed Legislation (SPOPL). The 2015 NCAA Convention Division III SPOPL is now available to the membership.

Campus Workshops.  NCAA member institutions and conference offices are now able to access grant funding through the NCAA’s Campus and Conference Workshops.  The Campus and Conference Services Grant Funding will award up to $2,000 to cover speaker fees to fund leadership development programming or will cover the cost to have a NCAA trained facilitator present and facilitate selected workshops. Funding is currently available.  Below find a listing of how member institutions and conference offices have used this funding:

  • Professional development workshops for staff and administrators.
  • SAAC and/or Student-Athlete Retreats/Meetings/Workshops.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • DiSC Behavioral Assessment.
  • Goal Setting & Action Planning.
  • Social Media.
  • Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program.

The application for funding is available on Program Hub – NCAA Campus and Conference Services Request Form.  Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis until the funding is depleted. For additional information concerning this program, please contact Jaime Fluker, Associate Director of Leadership Development by phone at 317/917-6973 or by email at