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Updated November 24, 2014

NCAA 2015 Convention Legislation.  The 2015 NCAA Convention Division III Official Notice is now available to the membership on and it was also recently distributed to the entire membership through a hard-copy mailing. The Official Notice includes all membership-sponsored legislation (as modified by a sponsor modification submitted by the September 15 deadline), all Presidents-Council sponsored legislation, all properly submitted amendments-to-amendments and resolutions (submitted by the November 1 deadline) and all position statements issued by Division III councils.

Mental Health Resource.  Mental health is a critical aspect of student-athlete wellness. Protecting and promoting student-athlete mental health requires the involvement of stakeholders from inside and outside of athletics. The NCAA Sport Science Institute is happy to announce the publication of Mind, Body and Sport: Understanding and Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Wellness.  Mind, Body and Sport is an interactive resource for athletics administrators from the perspectives of student-athletes, coaches and mental health experts. This new resource is available as an e-publication,  on  the NCAA Sport Science Institute website and as a printed book that was mailed to campus athletics departments and counseling centers.

Division III Committee Vacancies.  Nominations are being accepted for September 2015 committee vacancies.  The nomination deadline is December 5.  The vacancies are Division III positions on Association-wide governance committees, positions on Division III sports committees, and Division III positions on National Collegiate sports and sports rules committees. 

2015 Regional Rules Seminars.  Registration for the 2015 NCAA Regional Rules Seminars opens in early March.  The Regional Rules Seminars will be conducted May 11-14 in Indianapolis and June 8-11 in Denver.  Regional Rules Seminar registration, schedule grid and session descriptions will be available on the Regional Rules Seminars web page.