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Division III Amendment Procedures for the 2020 NCAA Convention

Enclosed is a summary of the procedures and deadlines for submitting amendments for consideration at the 2020 NCAA Convention to be held January 22-25, 2020, Anaheim, California. A composite meeting schedule and hotel reservation information for the Convention will be mailed in late October. Please review the amendment procedures set forth in NCAA Constitution 5.3 of the NCAA Division III Manual.  Please note the deadline for the submission of amendments sponsored by the membership is not later than 5 p.m. Eastern time July 15.  
[Note: At least one of the sponsors of a conference-sponsored amendment or at least 10 of the 20 individual institutional sponsors must meet the July 15 deadline.]

As a reminder, the minimum number of active member institutions required to sponsor an amendment not sponsored by the NCAA Division III Management Council or Presidents Council is 20. Alternatively, two member conferences, on behalf of their active members, may sponsor an amendment. The effective date of the proposed legislation shall be August 1, 2020, unless an alternative date is given. Any legislation that has an immediate or alternative effective date must include in the statement of rationale why such an effective date is necessary.

The attachment describes the procedures related to the electronic submission of proposed legislation. Please pay special attention to the directions for submitting amendments through the website at  Legislative amendments must be submitted electronically and must include proper chancellor or president approval as noted in the procedures. Questions regarding the amendment procedures should be referred to Jeff Myers and/or Bill Regan at the NCAA national office (317-917-6222).