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Division II Strategic Plan


The Division II Presidents Council in April 2015 formally adopted an ambitious and responsible six-year strategic plan that builds upon Division II’s unique attributes and a position of fiscal strength to guide future decisions.

The plan supports Division II’s balanced and inclusive approach that affords student-athletes the opportunity to explore their varied academic and social interests, to grow as productive citizens and to contribute to their communities.

The plan is designed to:

  • Produce student-athletes who graduate, who exhibit leadership, who engage with their communities and who have acquired the skills they need to maintain healthy and productive lifestyles.
  • Help Division II schools and conferences create engaged and high-functioning athletics operations and compliance programs.
  • Promote diverse and inclusive environments within all levels of intercollegiate athletics.
  • Enhance the game day and championships experience for student-athletes.
  • Demand fiscal responsibility at the local, conference, regional and national levels.
  • Respect the division’s past, celebrate membership as a destination of choice, and enhance the public’s knowledge and appreciation of what the division represents.

The following resources help track the plan’s implementation. They are arranged according to the plan’s five Strategic Positioning Outcome areas. Each SPO provides a comprehensive summary of goals and initiatives to support those goals, as well as a “scorecards” PowerPoint presentation to highlight key areas.

Because the strategic plan is a dynamic document, these resources will be updated biannually (pre-academic year and pre-Convention) to reflect the most recent progress.

Strategic Positioning Outcome Area No. 1: Academics and Life Skills
Strategic Positioning Outcome Area No. 2: Athletics Operations and Compliance
Strategic Positioning Outcome Area No. 3: Diversity and Inclusion
Strategic Positioning Outcome Area No. 4: Game Day and Conference and National Championships
Strategic Positioning Outcome Area No. 5: Membership and Positioning Initiatives