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Division II FAR Fellows Institute Nominations Form

September 25-27, 2020

Indianapolis, Indiana

Note: Deadline for nominations is March 6, 2020

Fields marked with * are required.

General Information

Ideal candidates will have at least one year of experience as a FAR and want to be involved in bigger picture aspects of intercollegiate athletics at the conference and national level.

Personal Statement

Please include a statement that describes:

  • Your experience in the role of faculty athletics representative.
  • Your view of the potential value of attending this institute.
  • The unique qualities and characteristics you would bring to the institute and the growing network of Division II FARs.


By submitting this form, I agree to fully participate in all of the activities associated with the FAR Fellows Institute. This includes:

  • Pre-Institute readings and completion of an online personal assessment.
  • Sharing of relevant documents (e.g., position descriptions, if available).
  • Full participation in all of the events at the Institute in September.
  • Attendance at future FARA Forums and the NCAA Convention.
  • Networking with other FAR Fellows after the Institute and with other FARs.
  • Mentoring other FARs, especially other FARs in my conference.