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Division III Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee

Committee information for individuals interested in possibly serving on NCAA committees

Number of committee members

Six (including one student-athlete from the Division III SAAC).

General duties of committee members

Committee has the authority under NCAA Bylaw 14.12 to determine all matters pertaining to the policies and procedures for the reinstatement of eligibility for a student-athlete who is ineligible as a result of a violation of NCAA legislation. In addition, committee has authority over various waivers (e.g. extensions of eligibility, seasons of competition waivers, etc.).

Number of in-person meetings per year

Committee has two in-person meetings every year. Meetings are two days in length. Meetings occur in May/June and December.

Committee meets with Divisions I and II reinstatement committees during both meetings.

Number of conference calls per year

Approximately six calls per year to hear institution’s appeal of staff decision in a reinstatement case. Additionally, three to four other calls as needed per year. Calls are typically two hours in length.

Other comments

Committee provides oversight and guidance to the reinstatement staff regarding the reinstatement process. Staff makes all initial decisions; committee serves as appellate body for all staff decisions. In addition, committee sets policy and guidelines for reinstatement process and reviews all decisions made by the staff where a different decision was reached as a result of the student-athlete first philosophy.