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Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee Duties


1. NAME OF COMMITTEE: NCAA Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee.

2. NUMBER OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The NCAA Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee shall consist of eight members. One shall be a member of the NCAA Division III Management Council, one shall be a student-athlete representative, one shall be a faculty-athletics representative, one shall be a conference administrator and at least one shall be a member of an ethnic minority. At least three positions shall be allocated for men and at least three positions allocated for women.


  • Review interpretive requests from the membership, governance structure and the NCAA Academic and Membership Affairs staff.
  • Issue official interpretations on Division III legislation.
  • Recommend legislative changes to the Management Council.
  • Review all staff interpretations and recommend converting to official interpretations.
  • Review editorial revisions to the NCAA Division III Manual.
  • Recommend incorporations of official interpretations into the Manual.
  • Consider deregulation opportunities for Division III.
  • Review all interpretive and legislation actions of Divisions I and II for possible Division III adoption.

4.  LENGTH OF TERM:  Unless otherwise specified, Division III members of committees shall be appointed or elected for one four-year term. Terms of service shall commence in January following the adjournment of the annual NCAA Convention following the member's election or appointment. Division III presidents or chancellors serving on all Division III general committees (per NCAA Bylaw 21.9.6) are limited to a two-year term of service. Presidents or chancellors may be re-appointed or re-elected to one additional term, resulting in four years of service.

5. NUMBER OF IN-PERSON MEETINGS PER YEAR (include approximate dates and days away from office): The committee meets in-person twice per year. The meetings are scheduled for two days, and one occurs in early February and one occurs in mid September.

6. NUMBER OF CONFERENCE CALLS PER YEAR (include the usual day of the week and average length of call): The committee conducts monthly conference calls on a day and time that works best for all committee members.