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Division II Committee for Legislative Relief

Audra Kedy, committee chair

Purpose: This committee serves as the final decision-making body for any waiver requests in situations where no other committee, subcommittee or conference has the authority to act. The committee grants relief of legislation when extenuating circumstances exist or may determine that relief should not be granted. The committee also may impose conditions when relief of the legislation is granted. Committee members participate in conference calls, as needed, and shall attend one or two in-person meetings per year that last for one day.

Composition: Five members, including one member of the Division II Management Council. Committee members are elected for one three-year term, though an individual may be immediately re-elected to a second three-year term. Members are elected based on their knowledge of Division II rules and regulations (primarily in amateurism, recruiting, transfers and financial aid), and their experience as an administrator in intercollegiate athletics, including at least three years at a Division II institution or conference.

Committee for Legislative Relief Roster


September 2019: Sep 2019 Agenda  | Sep 2019 Report

March 2019: Mar. 2019 Agenda | Mar. 2019 Report

October 2018: Oct. 2018 Agenda | Oct. 2018 Report

March 2018: Mar. 2018 Agenda | Mar. 2018 Report

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