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Division II Committee on Infractions



The Division II Committee on Infractions is composed of six individuals which include five members from the respective divisional membership and one from the general public who is not associated with a collegiate institution, conference, professional or similar sports organization or who represents coaches or athletes in any way.One of the five members from the membership is a member of the Division II President's Council and does not actively participate in hearing or deliberations. These are four year terms but the member is eligible for immediate reelection but may not serve for more than two terms. This committee has the authority to determine what findings (if any) should be made and what (if any) penalties should be assessed upon a member institution. The number of institutions appearing at each hearing depends upon the length of each case and the amount of other business that the committee has to conduct.An institution's appearance before the committee may be all or a portion of one or more days depending upon the complexity of the case.The Division II Committee on Infractions meet on an as need basis.

There are four NCAA staff personnel (director, assistant director, assistant coordinator and administrative assistant) whom assist the committees in drafting reports, letters, arranging committee travel and meeting planning.

Committee on Infractions Hearing Procedures

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