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Committee on Women's Athletics


Committee chair:

  • Julie Cromer Peoples, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics staff liaisons:

  • Kristin Fasbender, Associate Director of Championships and Alliance
  • Jan Gentry, Assistant Director of Championships and Alliances
  • Karen Metzger, Assistant Director of Academic and Membership Affairs
  • Jean Merrill, Director of Inclusion

NCAA Bylaw 21.1.10 - Committee on Women's Athletics Composition. The Committee on Women's Athletics shall consist of 18 members, including six members from Division I, six members from Division II and six members from Division III. Six positions shall be allocated for men, Six allocated for women and Six unallocated. One student-athlete from each division (who shall have one combined vote) shall serve as a member of the committee. The Division I student-athlete may serve on the committee up to one year after completion of his or her intercollegiate athletics eligibility. The Division II and Division III student-athlete may serve on the committee up to two years after completion of his or her athletics eligibility. (Revised: 1/11/89, 11/01/01) Duties. The committee shall study and make policy recommendations concerning opportunities for women in athletics at the institutional, conference and national levels, as well as other issues directly affecting women's athletics.

Mission statement: The mission of the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics is to provide leadership and assistance to the association in its efforts to provide equitable opportunities, fair treatment and respect for all women in all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. Toward these ends, the committee shall seek to expand and promote opportunities for female student-athletes, administrators, coaches, and officiating personnel. The committee shall promote governance, administration and conduct of intercollegiate athletics at the institutional, conference and national levels that are inclusive, fair and accessible to women.The committee shall develop programs and resources, which can be of practical use to the association in its effort to achieve these ends.


  • 18 members


  • To increase opportunities for female student-athletes, coaches, administration and officiating personnel.
  • To assist the Association in achieving gender equity and complying with Title IX.
  • To increase participation opportunities for female student-athletes.
  • To increase professional advancement opportunities for women.
  • To monitor progress of the initiatives included in the 1993 Gender Equity Task Force report, 1998-99 NCAA Gender-Equity and Diversity Audit Report and NCAA Summit on Athletics Opportunities for Minority Women.
  • To increase marketing, licensing, and promotions/public relations and opportunities for women.


  • Two Spring and Fall.


  • One in mid-February


  • One of the meetings each year is combined with MOIC in Indianapolis. Every other year two of the meetings are combined with MOIC to discuss budget priorities.

Committee proceedings:

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