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2016-17 NCAA Division I Autonomy Publication of Proposed Legislation

The NCAA Division I Autonomy Publication of Proposed Legislation (APOPL) for the 2016-17 legislative cycle is available here:

The Autonomy POPL presents all proposed amendments to the NCAA legislation in areas of autonomy that have been properly sponsored for the 2016-17 legislative cycle.

The publication is produced directly from the Legislative Services Database for the Internet (LSDBi) each time it is downloaded.  Therefore, the content of the publication may change each time it is accessed from the NCAA webpage.  As modifications or corrections are made to proposals during the sponsor modification period, updates will be made to LSDBi and those changes will be reflected in the APOPL.

Because the APOPL is generated directly from LSDBi each time it is downloaded, there is no table of contents or index; however, users may use the "Bookmark" feature of the Adobe Reader to quickly scan the proposal numbers and titles and go directly to those proposals within the document.  Users may also use the "Search" feature to find particular proposals.  The proposals are presented by topical area by bylaw numbers and by proposal number within topical areas.

Sponsoring conferences may modify their proposals in any way that is germane to the original proposal through November 18 at 5 p.m. Eastern time.  Recommendations for modifications may be provided directly to the sponsoring conference or to the NCAA national office staff, who will provide the recommendations to the conferences. 

Questions regarding the legislation should be directed to the academic and membership affairs staff at the NCAA national office.

Division I Autonomy Legislative Process for the 2016-17 Legislative Cycle

  1. The five autonomy conferences provide a description of autonomy concepts being considered for sponsorship no later than September 15 (5 p.m. Eastern time) to be posted on the NCAA website to provide notice to the entire Division I membership.
  2. The five autonomy conferences submit legislative proposals in autonomy areas no later than October 13 (5 p.m. Eastern time).
  3. Decisions regarding whether a proposal should be placed in the autonomy legislative process or the Council-governance legislative process are initially determined by the staff after consultation with the sponsoring conference. If agreement is not reached, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors, pursuant to NCAA Constitution 4.2.2-(j), has the authority to determine whether a proposal is “out of order.”
  4. The NCAA staff will publish all legislative proposals (APOPL) no later than November 1.
  5. Sponsors of all proposals refine/adjust their own proposals November 18 (5 p.m. Eastern time). (Sponsor modification period – modifications permissible, provided they are germane to the concept of the original proposal).
  6. Amendment-to-amendment period for all proposals November 18 (5 p.m. Eastern time. (Amendments may not expand the scope of the original proposal.)
  7. Official Notice posted no later than December 1.
  8. Membership/Council comment period for autonomy concepts/proposals continues through December 15 (5 p.m. Eastern time).
  9. Additional amendments-to-amendments as deemed necessary that do not expand the scope of the original proposal may be submitted prior to or during the autonomy business session.
  10. Voting Process – The 80 representatives of the five autonomy conferences (includes 15 student-athletes) vote on all autonomy proposals during the January autonomy business session.