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2014 NCAA Convention Divison II Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation

The 2014 NCAA Convention Division II Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation (IPOPL) will be available through the NCAA website ( August 15.  The IPOPL presents all proposed amendments to NCAA legislation that were properly submitted by the Division II membership in accordance with the July 15 deadline in the NCAA legislative calendar.  Between the date of posting this publication (August 15) and September 15, sponsors of the proposals are permitted to refine and change amendments in any manner germane to the proposal as presented.  Such changes may either increase or decrease the modification set forth in the original proposal.

No new proposals may be submitted by the Division II membership for the 2014 NCAA Convention inasmuch as the July 15 deadline has passed.  Member institutions and conferences that wish to offer and suggest revisions to an amendment are encouraged to contact the designated primary contact person as listed with each proposal.  Such contacts should be made as early in the August 15 through September 15 period as possible to ensure time for appropriate consideration by the sponsors.

The IPOPL is not mailed to Division II institutions.  The online version of the IPOPL continues to contain all the information of the former hard-copy version and can be printed from your computer in the traditional format.  The IPOPL is produced directly from the Legislative Services Database for the Internet (LSDBi) each time it is downloaded.  Therefore, the content of the publication may change each time it is accessed from the NCAA Web page.  As modifications or corrections are made to proposals during the sponsor-modification period, updates will be made to LSDBi and those changes will be reflected in this document.

The 2014 NCAA Convention Division II Second Publication of Proposed Legislation (SPOPL) will be made available online to the membership September 23.  The NCAA Convention Division II Official Notice, which will include final versions of proposed legislation, will continue to be made available to Convention delegates in both printed and online formats.  The Official Notice will be made available November 15.

Please contact the NCAA academic and membership affairs staff at the NCAA national office (317/917-6222) if you have any questions regarding the online versions of either the IPOPL or SPOPL.