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Scouting Service Application Process

To Apply:  Scouting Service Login and Application

To begin an application, please click on the link above. 

DO NOT CREATE ADDITIONAL USER ACCOUNTS - If you already have a username and password for the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) or if you created an account to apply for scouting service approval in 2012, you do not need to create a new username and password.  

The sample submitted with the scouting service application must be a complete example of a report that would be provided to an institution with a full cross-section of your product.  Sample examples:

In 2013, in addition to uploading a sample with your application, you will be expected to separately submit quarterly reports for the prior year showing what was provided to institutions for the NCAA's use.  Online scouting services will need to provide the NCAA with a username and password with which they can access the service for monitoring purposes.  Services that provide reports in hard copy format or that send reports by e-mail should forward those exact publications via mail, e-mail or fax using the contact information below.

Fax:                 317-917-6073

Regular Mail:       P.O. Box 6222, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
Overnight Mail:    1802 Alonzo Watford Sr. Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202



Because the intent of the scouting service approval legislation was to have an ANNUAL approval and the list will change from year to year, the institution should NOT be signing multi-year contracts with a scouting service.