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Institutional Responsibilities Regarding Scouting Service Approvals

Once approved, the service will be identified on the list of approved scouting services that can be accessed with the following URL: An account is required in order to access the list.

During the months of April and May while the current applications are being processed, both the applications approved in 2012-13 AND the 2013-14 academic years will be visible.  Last year's list will be at the top of the page and the current year will be at the bottom of the page; so you must scroll down.  

Take caution to make sure that you are looking at the correct academic year when determining if the service has been approved for this year before making a purchase.  Some services may be listed twice.  For example:

On June 1, the services from the previous academic year will disappear and only the current year will be included.  If a scouting service's application is approved, the approval will be valid from the time that it is approved until May 31 the following year.

Note:  The list of approvals for institutions will NOT be finalized on June 1.  The June 1 posting date only applied to the first year because that is when the legislation was affective and since applications can be submitted up until midnight the night before, it is not feasible that all approvals will be posted at that time.  When the list is finalized, it will be noted on this page.

A member institution that subscribes to an approved scouting service has an expectation of shared responsibility to monitor the product they are receiving and communicate any red flags to the NCAA staff. Institutions are expected to confirm that the scouting service complies with the criteria set forth in Bylaw 13.14.3 including:

  1. The fee rate charged to the institution is the same as the fee rate listed on the NCAA approved scouting services list.
  2. The institution received information from the scouting service (e.g., reports, profiles) about prospective student-athletes at least four times per annual cycle.
  3. The product they received is consistent with the sample that was submitted with the scouting service online application. Scouting service sample reports are viewable at the Approved Scouting Services Search link.

Additionally, institutions are expected to notify the NCAA enforcement staff overseeing the scouting service approval process of any insufficiencies, noncompliance or information of concern.

Multi-year contracts:

Bylaw precludes institutions from purchasing more than one annual subscription from a particular recruiting or scouting service. The legislation does not directly prohibit an institution from purchasing a service for more than a one-year term. However, as there is an annual approval process and the list of permissible services will change from year to year, the ECAG staff cautions against signing multi-year contracts with recruiting or scouting services as that may open institutions up to future violations if the services are deemed impermissible during the term of the multi-year contract.