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Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG)

The NCAA enforcement certification and approvals group (ECAG) is a team within the NCAA enforcement staff dedicated to administering NCAA Bylaws, 13.14.3, 13.18, 13.19, 17.31.4.  To accomplish this task, ECAG is responsible for evaluating these services/activities, ensuring that established standards are maintained and enforcing NCAA legislation and requirements.  ECAG serves the membership by administering the following certification/approval programs:

  • Basketball Certification – nonscholastic basketball events to allow Division I coaches to attend and observe prospective student-athletes; college basketball leagues to allow currently enrolled Division I student-athletes to participate; and teams participating in NCAA-certified events;
  • Recruiting/Scouting Service Approval – to allow NCAA Division I coaches to purchase the service as a resource for the recruiting process in the sports of men's and women's basketball and football; and
  • Agent Certification – to allow specific men's basketball agents to meet with and represent a select few student-athletes (SA) without impacting the SA's eligibility.

The application and registration processes administered by ECAG is subject to the policies and procedures set forth in policies and procedures, relevant NCAA legislation and such other NCAA policies and procedures which are subject to change without prior notice. ECAG certification and approvals is provided as a service to the NCAA membership to assist in promoting and maintaining the integrity of collegiate recruiting and preserving the eligibility of currently enrolled NCAA SAs.

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