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Scouting services

The NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG) is responsible for administering the NCAA Scouting Service Approval Process which grants approval to recruiting/scouting services that have met minimum NCAA requirements.  Per NCAA Bylaw 13.14.3, NCAA Division I coaches in the sports of men’s and women’s basketball and football are only permitted to subscribe to recruiting/scouting service that has been granted an NCAA approval. 

By definition, a recruiting/scouting service is any individual, organization, entity or segment of an entity that is primarily involved in providing information about prospective student-athletes.  

General information

Important Guidelines

Approval requirements

Recruiting/scouting services are at minimum required to:

  • Identify all fee rates;
  • Charge the same fee rate for all subscribers;
  • Publish information quarterly;
  • Provide individual analysis of each prospect beyond demographic information or ranking; and
  • Provide sample reports to institutions.

Men's basketball services are also required to disclose any connection to a nonprofits in their application due to legislation that prevents MBB staff from providing money to a nonprofit foundation that expends funds for the benefit of a nonscholastic team, prospect or an individual associated with a prospect (IAWP). 

Scouting Services Approvals are only granted TO services that do currently exist at the time of the open application period. Approval is based on how the service operates, NOT how the operator promises to operate the service.

Application process

Operators may request approval by submitting an online application in the NCAA Scouting Service Approval System. The application is only available between March 1 and 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on May 31.  All deadlines will be strictly enforced.

The applicant will be asked to answer a series of questions that correspond to the NCAA legislated requirements and will need to provide ECAG a sample of the published data and/or login credentials, if the service is an online service. 

ECAG will evaluate each application in the order they are submitted. Due to the volume of application submitted in a very concentrated window of time, you should anticipate a minimum of two weeks for our staff to process your application. As in years past, approvals will not be granted/posted until after April 1.

If ECAG needs clarification regarding your submission, you will receive an email requesting additional information and will have 10 days to address those issues. Failure to respond by the deadline will result in a denial of your application. Again, all deadlines are strictly enforced; so plan accordingly.

Duration of approval

If the service is determined to be compliant, you will receive an approval notification via email. Approved services are identified for the NCAA membership ( account required) online at Once approved, institutions can subscribe immediately and the approval will be valid until May 31 the following year. 

NCAA compliance resources

Service operators are responsible for ensuring that their recruiting/scouting services AND all staff or individuals contributing to the service product/success are compliant with NCAA requirements. Therefore, it is advisable as a service operator to make sure you know and understand these requirements and have plans/procedures to successfully meet these expectations.

You are responsible for educating and monitoring your staff/contributors and if those individuals fail to conduct themselves within the NCAA requirements, it could result in the loss of current or denial of future approval for a period of up to five (5) years. Violations of NCAA requirements/expectations are subject to penalties described in the ECAG Adverse Actions guideline.

Institutional shared responsibility

All scouting service approvals granted are based on information available to the NCAA at the time of the application. A member institution that subscribes to an approved scouting service has an expectation of shared responsibility to monitor that the service is compliant with the legislation and notify the ECAG of any concerns or inadequacies. 


Address questions or concerns regarding the Scouting Service Approval Process to:

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