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Legislation related to Basketball Certification

Legislation changes frequently.  The most up-to-date legislation is available in the Legislative Services Database (LSDBi).   LSDBi includes NCAA Divisions I, II and III legislation and proposals and is updated continuously throughout the year as the legislation changes.  As such, the LSDBi manual cites and text may differ from those in the hardcopy of the bylaw manual that is issued once a year. 

To Access:  Legislative Services Database (LSDBi) 

Enter all or part of the desired bylaw number into the search field and click the Search button.  For your reference, the NCAA-certification related bylaws are identified below.

Certification Bylaws:

17.31.4             Summer Basketball Leagues

13.18                Basketball Event Certification

Related Bylaws:

13.02.13           Definition of a Prospective Student Athlete        Exception – After Commitment          Definition of "Prospective Student-Athlete" for Tryout-Rule Purposes – Men's Basketball       Definition of a Prospective Student-Athlete – Men's Basketball

13.02.14           Recruiting        Recruited Prospective Student-Athlete

13.02.18           Individual Associated with a Prospective Student-Athlete – Men's Basketball            Evaluations -- Men's Basketball.         Academic Year Recruiting Periods.         April Evaluation Periods.         Summer Evaluation Periods.      Practice in Preparation for a Certified Event.      Events Organized and Conducted for Recruiting Purposes.         NBA Draft Combine.            Evaluations -- Women's Basketball.         Academic Year Evaluation Period.      National Standardized Testing Weekends.         Summer Evaluation Period.         On-Campus Events.         Practice in Preparation for a Certified Event.         Events Not Subject to Certification Program.

Recruiting Calendars are posted on the Resourced Tab of LSDBi.