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League operators

ALL applications to request NCAA-certification of an event/league and ALL roster building will be done in a NEW technology platform in 2017.

DO NOT SUBMIT any information in the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) at this time!!!

The NEW BBCS will launch in late January or early February.  Emails will be sent to all previous event coaches and event/league operators when the system is accessible.

NOTE: You will not be able to submit an event/league application nor create a team roster prior to obtaining your USA Basketball GOLD License.  So, you should go to and start that application right away.  Obtaining your USAB Gold License now will enable you to access the BBCS as soon as it becomes available.


Before Submitting an Application
Create or Log In to BBCS User Account
BBCS Application Instructions
Participant Approval
General Information
General Guidelines
League Guidelines
Need to Make Changes to an Already Approved League?

If ANY of the information in the application changes (location, dates, times of games, etc.) or if the league is cancelled, that information must be reported to ECAG no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the league to avoid penalties. See: Changes made after an approval.

All changes must be communicated IN WRITING to ECAG no later than 48 hours prior to the league begins to avoid penalties

Attendance of NCAA Division I Coaches

At times, Division I coaches may wish to drop in on a college league where athletes from their team are participating just to check in on them. This would be ok if the coach is merely an observer and there are no prospective student-athletes participating. However, if prospects will be participating and you did not request EVENT certification as well, Division I coaches are not permitted to be in attendance at any time – not even to observe their own student-athletes that may be participating.  Two-year college athletes are considered prospects as well and some league operators don't realize that. In that regard, if they are going to be present, Division I coaches would not be able to attend and watch their own student-athletes. In order for Division I coaches to attend, you would also have to be granted event certified and then they could only attend on permissible dates in July. There are significant differences in the requirements for event certification and it is a much more time-consuming process.

Other Resources

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