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Event Operators


The NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG) certifies events and leagues that have satisfied minimum NCAA requirements through the basketball certification application process. 


Event Certification can be granted to a single day activity or one that meets the traditional definition of a league (June to August).  Regardless, if prospective student-athletes will be involved and permission is desired to allow Division I basketball coaches to attend and evaluate those prospects, event certification is required.  Event certification involves multiple requirements that an operator will need to plan for in advance including but not limited to:

  • Notifying participants of the required background checks and registration online with the NCAA,
  • Verification that all coaches have an NCAA participant approval,
  • Verification that all team are connected to your event in the BBCS,
  • Validating that roster information submitted is accurate and compliant with NCAA requirements,
  • Conducting an in-person or video educational session for all prospects at the event,
  • Submitting a post-event review form identifying all coaches/athletes that participated,
  • Etc.


General Information:    

Recruiting Calendars

  • Dates not listed on the schedule submitted with the event application WILL NOT be certified.
  • Division I coaches may only attend on the dates identified in the event approval letter.


  • All deadlines are Eastern Time.
  • Circumstances are not considered.
  • The BBCS will date stamp all activity within the system.  In that regard, the system date for submission of applications and review forms cannot be disputed.
  • If additional information is requested by ECAG and cannot be completed within the BBCS, it is the operator's responsibility to produce proof of a timely submission. Therefore, it is recommended that operators send all materials via traceable delivery. If the documents are sent via facsimile, keep verification of the transmission.
  • Detailed description:  Deadline Policy


BEFORE YOU APPLY WITH NCAA.  You will need to do each of the following:



Operators and participating coaches have to go to the First Advantage (FADV) website to apply for the background check.  Background checks MUST be done EVERY year.  You cannot operate and event/league, coach or sit on the bench without a valid approval.  Payment is required, which goes to FADV for processing.  Cost is $40.  The cost will increase to $55 if you apply in a month when certified events are heldAPPLY EARLY!!!  Do not procrastinate




CLICK - New or Previously Approved Applicants

COMPLETE - Application questions.

SUBMIT - Payment

WAIT - For processing.  Usually takes 3-5 business days.  You will NOT receive an approval email from FADV, but can log back in at any time to check the status of your application or to obtain you approval number.




CLICK - Returning Applicant

ENTER - Applicant ID and Password

RECEIVE - Status of your application OR your approval card.



Email: or Call:   888.531.7546



The educational component is no longer included as the 10-question test given during the background check application.  Instead, you will have to take the new educational course on a separate website.


CLICK - “Order Course” and complete the registration and checkout process.  You will have to create a login to access the course and it will appear as though you are purchasing the course, but once you get to the checkout screen, you will see it is FREE.

COMPLETE - The educational course.

CONFIRMATION - You will receive a certificate of approval once the course is completed. You DO NOT need to notify the NCAA. The NCAA has the ability to pull a report and verify that all coaches/operators have done so. 



If you completed this course in 2014, you DO NOT have to take it again this year.  The Enforcement Certification and Approval Group (ECAG) will not verify whether you have previously completed the course so if you are not sure, please take it again.



Event/League insurance should be secured prior to submitting an application to the NCAA. 



1.     Choosing Facilities

  • Choose facilities that allow for separation of NCAA coaches.  Separate seating for NCAA coaches is required.  If possible, NCAA coaches should have separate entrances, bathrooms and bracket postings.  See:  Minimum Precautions.
  • The event shall not be conducted in a venue where sports wagering on intercollegiate athletics is permitted, or on property sponsored by an establishment that permits sports wagering on intercollegiate athletics or branded with signage for such an establishment.
  • It is suggested that you remember the athletes’ welfare when selecting facilities.  Choose a safe/clean environment.  Make sure that the facility can accommodate expected numbers.  Take into account whether the facility is air conditioned, has satisfactory bathrooms (number and quality), etc.


2.     Adequate Staffing


3.     NCAA Coaches Packet Expectations



APPLY WITH NCAA.  Applications must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to the start date of the event/league.  All deadlines are strictly enforced.  The last screen of the application requires you to browse out and attach your insurance documentation. 

BBCS Access Graphic

Additional Information:



GO TO - Basketball Certification Online System (BBCS) -

USE - The step-by-step instruction on how to complete the application - Application - Step by Step

WAIT - For the application to be processed.  If additional information is needed in order to process the application, ECAG will contact the operator via the e-mail address on the BBCS user account and request additional information.

MONITOR –  The BBCS (Login, click the SUBMITTED link for the application, look for comments.).  An abbreviated version of the emailed request for additional information will be posted online.  You will need to obtain the actual e-mail for the detailed descriptions of information needed.

RESPOND – Prior to the designated deadline. 

WAIT - For the application to be finalized. 

CONFIRMATION -   The status of the application will be changed in the BBCS, an approval/denial letter will be attached to the application in the BBCS, and an email will be sent to the operator notifying him/her that the application has been processed to completion so that they can log in to the BBCS to determine the status. 



NCAA COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS.  The event/league operator is responsible for ensuring that their event/league AND all participating coaches and teams are compliant with NCAA requirements.  Make sure you know and understand these requirements and have plans/procedures to successfully meet these expectations.  Violations are subject to penalties described in the ECAG Adverse Actions and may result in the withdrawal of current or denial of future certification/approval for a period of up to five (5) years.


  1. Verify that all participating teams have submitted a roster in the BBCS and linked it the post-event review form for the event;
  2. Check Rosters for Demographic Compliance
  3. Check Rosters for Residency Compliance



POST-EVENT SUBMISSION TO NCAA.  If event certification was granted and Division I coaches were given the opportunity to attend and observe prospects, the activity operator will be required to submit a review form.  This applies even if no Division I coaches are in attendance.  Since certification was granted, a review form is required.

BBCS Access Graphic

Note: If a summer activity receives both event and league certifications, it is possible that the activity may operate until August. However, since there is not a review form requirement associated with league certification, the three month requirement will be based on the last certified event date in July. Again, the specific deadline date is identified in the event application approval letter to avoid any confusion.


Additional Information:


TO SUBMIT – All Event Participant Information (EPI) must be submitted online.  Submitting the coaches' packet is a requirement, but does not meet the EPI requirement in that the information is not entered into the online database.  For team events, this means that event operators are responsible for ensuring that all participating teams register in the BBCS and "opt in" to their specific event and that all information submitted by the team is accurate. 





Post-Event Review Form Requirement

Post-Event Review Form Requirement

Review Form - Step by Step

Review Form - Step by Step

Participant Information - Team Events

Participant Information

Deletion of Athletes on BBCS Rosters

Troubleshooting the Upload Feature




By voluntarily participating in the NCAA Basketball Certification Process, event/league operators are submitting to and agreeing to be compliant with NCAA requirements.  Event/league operators are responsible for knowing what the NCAA requires of them and will be held accountable to all information posted online (www.ncaa/ECAG). 


ECAG encourages you to frequent the site for changes that may occur. Failure to be compliant or allowing the participation of coaches/teams that are not compliant is subject to penalties described in the ECAG Adverse Actions and may result in the withdrawal of current or denial of future certification/approval for a period of up to five (5) years.