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Coaching a Team in an NCAA-Certified Event?

Prior to participating in an NCAA-certified event, team coaches must submit a team roster to the NCAA and each coach on the team must complete the background check and educational course online. 

General Information:    




The educational component is no longer included as the 10-question test given during the background check application.  Instead, you will have to take the new educational course on a separate website.


CLICK - “Order Course” and complete the registration and checkout process.  You will have to create a login to access the course and it will appear as though you are purchasing the course, but once you get to the checkout screen, you will see it is FREE.

COMPLETE - The educational course.

CONFIRMATION - You will receive a certificate of approval once the course is completed. You DO NOT need to notify the NCAA. The NCAA has the ability to pull a report and verify that all coaches/operators have done so. 



If you completed this course in 2014, you DO NOT have to take it again this year.  The Enforcement Certification and Approval Group (ECAG) will not verify whether you have previously completed the course so if you are not sure, please take it again.




Operators and participating coaches have to go to the First Advantage (FADV) website to apply for the background check.  Background checks MUST be done EVERY year.  You cannot operate and event/league, coach or sit on the bench without a valid approval.  Payment is required, which goes to FADV for processing.  Cost is $40.  The cost will increase to $55 if you apply in a month when certified events are held.


APPLY EARLY!!!  Background Check Applications should be submitted 30 days before your first event.  Do not procrastinate




CLICK - New or Previously Approved Applicants

COMPLETE - Application questions.

SUBMIT - Payment

WAIT - For processing.  Usually takes 3-5 business days.  You will NOT receive an approval email from FADV, but can log back in at any time to check the status of your application or to obtain you approval number.




CLICK - Returning Applicant

ENTER - Applicant ID and Password

RECEIVE - Status of your application OR your approval card.



Email: or Call:   888.531.7546



If you are not granted an approval number prior to your team’s participation, you will not be permitted to coach or sit on the bench. The team would then have to participate under the direction of another coach in your organization that has been approved, a coach from another team at the event that has been approved or someone on the event staff that has been approved.  If none of these options are available, the team would have to play without a coach.  NCAA staff cannot and will not waive the participant approval requirements. 

Note:  If you have opened a dispute with FADV to resolve an issue with your background check, you will not be permitted to coach in an NCAA-certified event prior to the dispute being completely resolved and your background check being cleared by FADV and determined to warrant an approval.



The coach(s) is responsible for ensuring that the team is compliant with NCAA requirements.  Make sure you know and understand these requirements and that all of your athletes comply.  Violations could result in your inability to coach in NCAA-certified events for a period of up to five years.  


BBCS Access Graphic

The coach must either enter the team roster OR be listed as an assistant coach on a team roster in the BBCS.  The roster MUST include all coaches and athletes with accurate contact information.  The last step requires you to “opt in” to the events that the team will participate in to give that event operator access to the roster. 

GO TO - Basketball Certification Online System (BBCS) -

INSTRUCTIONS: Team Registration in BBCS

CONFIRMATION - The NCAA does not approve teams, so you DO NOT get any kind of confirmation that the roster is entered correctly.  However, if you opted in to the events you plan to attend correctly, those operators will have access to your roster and can see your team information from the event’s review form.


§  Update or Edit Already Registered Teams

§  Deletion of Athletes on BBCS Rosters




Changes in Initial-Eligibility Standards Impacting Class of 2016

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  • Eligibility Center Quick Reference Sheet - A complete breakdown of the present and future NCAA Division I and II initial-eligibility standards.
  • New Academic Requirements Document - This document discusses the new academic standards for student-athletes enrolling at a college or university on or after August 1, 2016.
  • Initial-Eligibility Online Course - This free course is designed to educate coaches, parents, and counselors about the NCAA's initial-eligibility requirements.  After completing the course, you will be more prepared to advise your student-athletes about the necessary steps to become certified to compete in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics.