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BBCS Online Help and How To

Basketball Certification Online System (BBCS)

The Web site where:

  • Event/league operator submits their application to request NCAA certification online
  • Coaches register their team rosters and opt in to all of the events they are attending. 
  • Direct Link:

 BBCS user accounts

Why does the Approval Verified by NCAA field say NO? Approval Verified by NCAA Field

BBCS Access Graphic

Participant Approval Program for Operators and Coaches

The participant approval process involves a background check application, verification of criminal background, authorization for release of information and the completion of an educational component. Beginning in 2014, the background check and educational component are on SEPARATE websites. But the entire process for both the background check and the educational course are completed entirely online. The processing of your background check will not be withheld until the education component is completed.

Educational Course

The educational component is no longer included as the 10-question test given during the background check application. Instead, you will have to take the new educational course on the NFHS Learn website.

Background Check

Operators and participating coaches have to go to the First Advantage (FADV) website to apply for the background check. Background checks MUST be done EVERY year. 

APPLY EARLY!!! See: Participant Approval Guideline

Information for League Operators

Information for Coaches

Information for Event Operators

Review Forms - Individual Events

Review Forms - Team Events