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Adjoining State Rule

Adjoining State Waiver/Exception Application Information

Adjoining State Waiver/Exception Application

Adjoining State Waiver/Exception Application Instructions

Adverse Actions

Application of the Metro Area Rule

All-Star Games -Tryouts

Application - Step by Step

Application Process - Event

Application Process - League

Application Process Flow Chart

Apply for an NCAA Participant Approval for Operators and Coaches


Basketball Certification Online System (BBCS)

Certified Basketball Events and Leagues Main Page

Changes Made After an Approval

Check Coaches Approval - Individual Events

Check Coaches Approval - Team Events

Check Rosters for Demographic Compliance

Check Rosters for Residency Compliance

Check Status of a Review Form

Check Status of an Application

Check whether a team has registered

Choosing Facilities - Event

Complimentary Items and Benefits

Contact Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group

Creating a BBCS User Account

Deadline Policy

Definition of a Prospect

Deletion of Athletes on BBCS Rosters

Director of Athletics Permission

Edit an Already Submitted Review Form

Edit or Cancel an Already Submitted or Approved Application

Edit User Account Information

Educational Tool Kit

Event Operators Web Page Index

First Day of Classes Policy

Forgot BBCS Username or Password

Guidelines for the Certification Process

Hire or Acquire Staff

Hire or Acquire Staff - IND

Individual Athlete Upload Template - Excel

Individual Participant Information - Manual Entry Step by Step

Individual Participant Information - Upload Step by Step

Information Coaches Need to Know when Registering Teams

Information on the Certification Website

Insurance - How to Submit

Insurance - Providers

Insurance requirements

League Residency Requirements

League Revenue Restrictions

Login to BBCS

Mandatory Educational Session - Coaches

Mandatory Educational Session - Operators

MBB Ethics Coalition Memorandum Regarding Coaches Packet

Metro Area Maps

Minimum Precautions

NCAA Coaches Packet

Non Prospect Aged Teams

Number from any one college

One Team - One League

Online Help and "How To" Guide

Open a TXT file in Excel

Open a TXT file in Word

Operating a Team Event Checklist

Operating an Individual Event Checklist

Participant Approval Program

Participant Information - Team Events

Participating Team Coaches Web Page Index   

Permissible Dates - Event

Post-Event Review Form Requirement - Individual

Post-Event Review Form Requirement - Team

Prior to Participation

Prior to Submitting an Application

Provision of Equipment and Apparel - Event

Schedule Restrictions - Operators

Separation of NCAA Coaches - Coach

Separation of NCAA Coaches

SLR Waiver Information

Still Having Trouble Logging In

Summer League Operators Web Page Index

Team Participant Information - Step by Step

Team Registration in BBCS


Troubleshooting the Upload Feature

Understanding Account Summary - Coach

Understanding Account Summary - Operator

Update or Edit Already Registered Teams

User Account Information

Warning - Division I Student-Athlete Rendered Ineligible