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Basketball Certification

COVID-19 Impact on Spring Events

As you may know, due to the evolving COVID-19 public health threat, NCAA Divisions I and II have adopted emergency legislation to establish a temporary recruiting dead period in all NCAA sports, including men’s and women’s basketball, effective immediately and continuing through at least April 15, at which time the situation will be re-evaluated.

During a dead period, all Division I and II coaches are restricted from recruiting activities, on and off campus, including attendance at NCAA certified events More information about recruiting periods can be found at:

It is the discretion of event operators, nonscholastic coaches, parents, etc. to determine if travel/attendance is worthwhile or event cancellation is appropriate. Since it is unclear at this time whether future recruiting calendar changes will occur, ECAG will continue to process applications as normal so that if the dead period is lifted, all are prepared.

We understand these unparalleled circumstances are creating challenges to all involved in college and youth basketball. As such, we are committed to providing timely information and will communicate with you once new information becomes available.

The Basketball Certification process provides activity operators who agree to operate their activities in accordance with the applicable legislation and certification requirements the opportunity to receive League Certification to allow the participation of Division I student-athletes and/or Event Certification to allow NCAA Division I coaches to attend and observe prospective student-athletes who are participating in the activity. Event Certification has a post-event requirement as well.

The Basketball Certification System (BBCS)

ALL applications to request NCAA-certification of an event/league and ALL roster building will be done in the BBCS:

NOTE:  Adult users will not be able to submit an event/league application nor create a team roster prior to obtaining your USA Basketball GOLD License. So, you should go to and start that application right away.

Basketball Certification User Manuals

The all-inclusive ECAG Basketball Certification Manual has been republished with information for each specific role/function.  The manuals below are provided to identify requirements for each role and to assist participants with navigating the BBCS.  Event/league operators and participating teams/organizations are responsible for compliance with these requirements.  


Nonscholastic Events
(to allow attendance of Division I coaches to observe prospective student-athletes)

(to allow Division I student-athlete participation)


NCAA-Certified Events and Leagues

Permissible Event Times:

  • Men’s Spring: 6pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday
  • Men’s June Scholastic:  6pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday
  • Women’s Spring and Men’s/Women’s Summer: 8am to 10pm daily


June Scholastic Events for Men's Basketball

In response to recommendation from the Commission on College Basketball, changes have been made to the NCAA recruiting model to increase scholastic influence and minimize the involvement of outside third parties in the recruiting process by providing more opportunities during the summer for NCAA coaches to observe prospective student-athletes in a scholastic environment.

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